How to Add Curl to Your Hair Without Heat

Many of us dream of having perfect and effortless curls and beach waves, but unfortunately most of us have to work for those curls. If you want perfect curls but don’t have the tools or are afraid of the damage a curling iron can do to your hair, have no fear—a heatless curling method will be able to save the day! You don’t need to use heat to have gorgeous, curly hair.

All you need are home items or natural, heat-free curling products. Then, once you have the curls, you can wear curl creams to keep a better hold on the curls and keep them in your hair for longer. And, aside from being able to hold your curls for a long time, this curl cream smells incredible, so you won’t have to deal with the harsh scents of hair spray.

How to Add Curl to Your Hair Without Heat

If you would like to find out how to curl your hair without heat, read on:  

  • Braid Your Hair  

You’ve probably noticed that when you wear braids and let them out at the end of the day, your hair has developed some lovely waves and curls. Take advantage of this easy method to get curls without having to use harsh methods like curling irons. After taking your evening shower, dry your hair just until it’s damp and then braid your hair. For best curl results, French braid your hair into four equal parts. After you’re done braiding your hair, you should sleep on it and remove the bands in the morning.  

When you remove the bands of your braids, you can fix your hair with a tooth comb or with your fingers. After you’re satisfied with the way your curls look, you can lock it in with a curling cream or mousse. 

  • Classic Bun 

Similar to the brain method, you can do a classic bun for more beach wave-inspired curls. You can do a low bun for your hair in the evening before heading to sleep and just secure your bun with a hairpin so that it won’t fall off. Aside from sleeping on it, you can also decide to bun your hair during the day and release it at night if you have a dinner date planned. If you want more volume and curls, you can go for two low buns. 

Aside from a classic bun or two low buns, you can go crazy and bun your entire hair into 8 equal parts! It’ll definitely give you the curls you’re aiming for. 

Add Curl to Your Hair Without Heat

  • Scrunch Your Hair 

If you have naturally wavy or textured hair, this is the most simple and effective technique to highlight your curls.

With this method, you’ll be needing to shower as usual and towel dry your hair until it’s damp. Afterward, you should spray on some sea salt spray from mid-shaft to the ends of your hair and then scrunch your hair upwards. Allow it to air dry and you’ll have a natural beach wave. 

  • Hair Rollers 

While you might consider this method to be a grandma thing, using a hair roller is an effective way to curl your hair without heat while still providing consistent results.  

You can choose different roller sizes depending on the style of curls you’re looking for—if you’re looking for added volume and soft curls, you should go for large hair rollers, while you should go for small hair rollers if you want more defined curls.  

When using hair rollers, you should use bobby pins to secure your rollers tightly and you can choose to sleep on them, or let them stay in your hair for 2–3 hours in the morning as you’re preparing for the day.  

  • Headbands 

Yes, you can use your stretchy headband at home to give yourself natural curls. Just take note that they’ll only be providing you curls from your midshaft to the end of your hair. This will make your hair look more natural and volumized.  

To use headbands as your heatless curling method, put your headband over your head. Then, grab a bunch of your hair that is about 2–3 inches thick and wrap it around your headband by going over and under it. Continue to grab chunks of your hair while joining the first strand that you’ve gathered and continue to wrap it around your headband. Do this until you’ve reached the end and wrap the remaining hair around the hairband, not leaving any hair down.  

You can wear this overnight and it should give you natural curls in the morning that last throughout the day.  


With heatless curling methods, you’ll be able to have nice curls without damaging your hair with harsh tools like heated curling irons. There are so many ways to create beautiful waves, and then, once you do, all you have to do is lock them in with some product. Just make sure that you try to improve the health of your hair for healthier bounce and shine.


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