How To Add a Vintage Feel To Your Home

How To Add a Vintage Feel To Your Home

The vintage style and nostalgic feelings go hand in hand. Let friends and family take a walk down memory lane as they enter your home and engross themselves with décor that brings back warm childhood memories. Using both flea market finds and new items, it’s easy to add a vintage feel to your home.

How To Add a Vintage Feel To Your Home


There’s no need to go searching for a specific decade of furniture design unless you have your heart set on something. Giving your home a vintage feel is possible while working around modern furniture. Choose neutral colors so that pieces blend in with your fun elements. What matters most is that you have sitting areas where people feel comfortable. A vintage design is relaxed and easy to be around—never formal or stuffy. Overstuffed couches, comfy chairs, and ottomans for lounging are a great start to a vintage feel. If you are lucky enough to find one, stick a mid-century lamp next to the couch or a 1940s kitchen hutch in the corner of the living room. The fun items will draw attention, and the furniture won’t be all that important.

Artwork and Wall Décor

Put your walls center stage with vintage artwork and wall décor. If you enjoy flea markets, get ready for a fun hunt. Floral oil paintings and needlework from another era make for beautiful decorations and add an artistic and unique look to your home. Even old family photographs of people you have never known look cool mixed in among your vintage artwork. The best part of searching is how one treasure leads to another. Before you know it, your walls will full of vintage style.


The wonderful thing about vintage dishes is that you can actually use them! Pyrex and milk glass are still standing strong and line the shelves of antique shops and grandma’s basement. Now you can you’re your kitchen or dining room shelves with them and look stylish doing so. Put vintage dishes to use, and smile every time you set the table.

Minimize Modern Elements

Don’t fret, thinking you have to get rid of every modern element to give your home that vintage feel you want. Instead, just minimize their impact. In the kitchen, choose fun options like microwaves in retro styles or stand mixers in vintage colors. In your main seating area, take attention away from the large-screen TV by not making it the focal point as many people do. If your furniture is modern, use old items for coffee tables and end tables. Add warmth to the room by setting a trunk with some vintage books in front of the couch. Suitcases from days gone by stacked on top of each other can serve as an end table and a fun conversation piece.

Find what you love as you search. The best way to add a vintage feel to your home is to think outside the box, then find older items that make your heart skip a beat—vintage style has a way of doing that.

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