How Men Can Make A Fashion Statement With Emerald Stone Rings

Knowing how to style jewelry can be a little challenging for men. Watches, tie pins, and cuff links are the most common accessories for men in a business setting. Anything beyond that may seem unconventional, but it would be a waste not to wear a stone ring if you have one.

Emerald Stone Rings

So, whether you own emerald wedding rings or any other kind of emerald studded jewelry, you can sport bold accessories by following these tips:

1. Understand Ring Symbolism

Where you place your ring will create a statement, so you should understand what a ring on each specific finger can indicate.

Pinky Finger: It’s easy to wear a ring on the pinky finger since it’s comfortable and not distracting. Wearing a ring on this finger also doesn’t have any associations with most cultures and religions, especially compared to the ring finger.

Ring Finger: Wearing jewelry on the ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding symbols. A band on the right hand indicates engagement, while a ring on the left signifies marriage.

Middle Finger: First-time wearers of rings may feel most comfortable placing their accessory on their middle fingers since it feels central, and looks balanced.

Index Finger: This is a good place for pieces such as class rings, family heirlooms, or membership rings.

Thumb: Big chunky rings can be worn on the thumb since it’s isolated and can handle heavier rings compared to smaller fingers.

People will quickly notice a ring and may get the wrong impression if you mindlessly wear a ring on the wrong finger.

If you want to purchase an emerald ring, your best bet is to buy one from a reputable jewelry store. There are online sites like that offer a variety of pieces that you can customize to your size, so you can wear it comfortably on the finger you want.

How Men Can Make A Fashion-Statement With Emerald Stone Rings

2. Learn How To Match It

When wearing accessories, especially strikingly bold emerald rings, prioritize matching them with the rest of your wardrobe. Some outfits won’t match your preferred accessories, so you should know how to match your outfit choices with the jewelry you wear.

Learn how to pick clothes in your wardrobe that will help you and your accessories to stand out in public. The color green matches well with beige, olive, and other brown shades. If you want your ring to be the focal point of your look, go for earth tones.

3. Balance It With Other Accessories

Don’t go overboard when wearing accessories. Learn how to balance everything out, especially when you are wearing a bold ring.

If you are wearing a wristwatch, try to wear your ring, on the other hand, to balance it out. Don’t crowd one hand with multiple rings while leaving the other bare. The key is to make your arms look equally styled and not too over the top.

Also, keep in mind that you should match metals. If the band of your emerald ring is gold, wear only gold accessories with it. If it has a silver band, then pick a watch and other accessories in the same color.

4. Be Confident

If it’s your first time wearing an emerald stone ring, do it with confidence. Become accustomed to your ring, so you don’t fiddle with it when you wear it in public. Most rings for men are quite heavy, so be familiar with the weight of your ring as well. See if it makes you uncomfortable or hinders you from doing everyday tasks.

Once you get accustomed to your ring, all that’s left is to do is enjoy your new jewelry with pride.




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