How Do I Become a Makeup Artist without Going to School?

How Do I Become a Makeup Artist

The growth of film, television, media, theatre, and the performing arts has prompted a sumptuous demand for makeup artists. Apart from the employment prospects in these industries, makeup artists could also opt to create their own salons or makeup business.

Interestingly, you don’t have to attend a makeup training school to become a professional makeup artist and build your career. Technology has made it possible for everyone to learn the nuances of makeup through online tutorials and masterclasses.

On the other hand, skipping school and opting for the “self-taught” route can also impose certain responsibilities. Let us find out the best practices for becoming a professional makeup artist without attending beauty school.

Step-by-Step Guide to Become a Self-taught Makeup Artist

The journey of becoming a professional makeup artist without going to school can be flexible. However, you must follow the recommended pointers to define your career goals and identify the ideal learning resources. An organized approach to your career as a makeup artist would offer more possibilities for achieving your objectives in terms of career development.

Here are the important practices you must consider for becoming a professional makeup artist without any training in school.

Choose Your Career Roles

The first thing you need to do before choosing online makeup training courses or academies is research. Identify the career paths you can explore after completing your training in the art of makeup. The different types of roles for makeup artists can vary according to the field of work. For example, television/film makeup artists, fashion makeup artists, or theatre makeup artists.

Do you want to specialize in a specific area of makeup or start your own business? All these questions can help you find your career objectives. You can think of the objectives as your milestones or guiding light for your journey.

Basic Online Tutorials

One of the easiest ways to prepare for professional makeup artist training courses involves watching YouTube videos. Yes, you can learn a lot about basic makeup skills from videos posted by other makeup artists. In addition, social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram also offer interesting and creative content on makeup skills by thousands of influencers.

However, looking for credible creators and influencers, such as famous beauty and makeup brands is important. The online makeup videos also serve as favorable opportunities for familiarizing yourself with the latest trends in makeup.

Enroll in Professional Training Programs

After developing your fluency in the fundamentals of makeup, you need to seek professional training programs. Online training courses on cosmetology or other beauty and makeup specializations would help add credibility to your portfolio.

Make sure that the course offers flexible and comprehensive learning outcomes paired with hands-on training. One of the significant advantages of professional online makeup training courses would refer to the facility of learning from experts.

The insights of professional instructors in online training courses help learners develop their expertise in makeup best practices. On top of it, professional beauty and makeup training programs can help learners explore opportunities for professional networking.

Practice Your Skills 

All the online makeup tutorials and professional training courses cannot help you become a professional makeup artist if you don’t practice your skills.

Watching a professional makeup artist work magic on YouTube videos and remembering each and every action only makes you aware of the process and best practices. On the contrary, you must work on practicing your skills at the very first chance you get.

You need to understand how makeup actually works on different types of skin. Start by asking your friends and family to practice makeup skills on them and ask for their feedback. Most important of all, remember to use good quality products and identify how each makeup item works in the process.

Build Your Professional Portfolio

You have learned the basic skills, completed professional training courses, and got some practice. Now, you are ready to take the big step toward creating your professional portfolio. How is the portfolio going to help you? Any online makeup training course could improve your expertise and you have it to yourself.

The portfolio helps you advertise your skills and tell others that you have what it takes to become a makeup artist. Use social media to advertise your skills through short videos and engaging in collaboration with community members. Advertise your portfolio on your social media platforms to establish your identity as an expert.

Try Internship Opportunities

Internships can offer the ideal avenue for an aspiring makeup artist to learn the tricks of the trade without having to go to school. You can seek job listings for internships or posts of assistants to popular makeup artists. Internships under a professional or a brand could help you hone your professional expertise.

At the same time, you can build a new perspective on the profession of makeup artists as you work with professionals. For example, you can learn how the business works for a makeup artist, such as the way they manage their customers or the methods they follow.

Look for Collaboration with Other Artists

The community of makeup artists is thriving with new professionals aspiring for a career in beauty and makeup. However, looking beyond professional makeup artist training is important to achieve excellence in your career.

If you don’t want to go to school, then you should do everything you can to build your practical expertise in makeup. Collaboration with other makeup artists expands your professional portfolio and offers a distinct learning advantage.

Are You Ready to Become a Makeup Artist?

The different steps recommended for becoming a makeup artist show that teaching yourself the art of makeup is possible. You can become a self-taught makeup artist by investing time and dedication to learning beauty and makeup skills.

The variety of online courses available for professional makeup training indicates the flexibility of accessing training for makeup artists. However, you must choose the training courses on makeup skills carefully. At the same time, you must also work on your professional networking skills for garnering new clients or potential employers.


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