How a Shaman to Gwyneth Paltrow got into house music + debut single remixed by DJ Sneak + more out now

Visionary & Cultural Icon Shaman Durek Unveils Two Sets Of Remixes For His Uplifting Debut Jackin’ House Single, “My House”

“There’s no chairs in my house, so you better dance!”

Featuring Iconic artists DJ Sneak, Blakkat, Eric D Clark, & Single Cell Orchestra On Remix Duties

Early support from Jamie Jones, Tommie Sunshine, Laurent Garnier & more!

Available Now On All Streaming Platforms

Stream “My House” Remix Collection 1 Here | Collection 2 Here

How a Shaman to Gwyneth Paltrow got into house music + debut single remixed by DJ Sneak + more out now

How a Shaman to Gwyneth Paltrow got into house music + debut single remixed by DJ Sneak + more out now

Shaman Durek is a widely celebrated sixth generation Shaman whose teachings have impacted thousands (one being Gwyneth Paltrow), and has been recognized in publications such as Vanity Fair and The New York Times.

He’s also been inextricably tied to the rave scene for nearly three decades, helping grow and promote respected underground parties from SF to NY, and was even a VJ on the classic MTV show ‘The Grind’ with Frankie Knuckles & Louie Vega in the 90s.

He recently made his debut as an artist with his jackin’ single “My House” and now Durek is thrilled to present two remix compilations, featuring DJ Sneak, Blakkat, Eric D Clark, & Single Cell Orchestra. These remixes are now available on all streaming platforms.

House music has been in Durek’s DNA ever since his teenage years. “When I came into my own understanding of my bisexuality, I gravitated towards these underground gay parties in SF that were influenced by the music coming out from Detroit and Chicago. Everyone was so free and there was so much excitement, I couldn’t get enough of it!

He became so immersed in the scene that he went from working the door to throwing his own parties, eventually helping grow beloved events like the Sunset Parties with Galen & Solar.

Being a Shaman, his spirituality played an integral role throughout his career, leading experiences in destinations like Ibiza to showcase how house music and rhythmic drumming can help people connect to who they are, and manifest what they desire in their life.

My House” is in many ways a tribute to the classic underground house roots of Chicago and Detroit, while also pointing to the strength, love, healing power, and connection one can find with others through dancing (and not sitting down!).

It invokes an old moniker of Durek’s – The Jack Instigator – a nickname granted by the DJs from his eccentricity when MCing at the parties he would throw, notorious for keeping the people dancing (and off the couches) all night long.

In addition to Durek’s lively vocal performance on “My House”, the drums have special significance, tapping into the power of the rhythmic drum patterns. According to his Yoruba heritage, drumming and creating recurring rhythms act as the mechanism to first bring people together, and then ignite the hearts and bodies of all who listen.

Dancing to music unlocks certain aspects of our consciousness. It offers this experience of love and connection, and also can give us the strength to forge through difficult times. I wanted to bring this feeling back in the spirit of The Jack Instigator. So, when you listen to “My House”, or when you come to my house, you better dance!” – Shaman Durek

On remix duties, Durek has tapped the legendary DJ Sneak, offering an authentic ‘Chicago Jackin House workout,’ while leaning towards the more soulful side with tasteful piano stabs and dirty beats underpinned by a thumping bassline.

Sneak says, “it was an absolute pleasure to write some music and remix Shaman’s energetic message about the place we call “House Music”. She’s all that and then some, Okay!

Single Cell Orchestra flips this single on its head into a banging techy rave breakbeat monster by fusing futuristic grooves with nostalgic sampling.

He shares, “I was excited to remix ‘My House’ because it takes me back to the early days of rave and house when people were in a state of discovery and the most important thing was the music and dancing all night. It’s about not being too cool to get down. Shaman Durek brings that spirit to the track and those commanding vocals just sound great with everything.You better dance!

Blakkat takes listeners on a sensational time-warped journey throughout the deep house spectrum with an infectious groove, giving it the feel of something that would have been played at Paradise Garage back in the day.

Durek and I have been making music together on and off for over 12 years. “My House” is a positive, uplifting and fun piece of Chicago inspired Jackin’ House that Durek performed in one take, off the top of his head. I put the backing track together, and hit record and off he went! Legendary Sax player Ian Kirkham of Simply Red fame and M People boardsman Paul Birchall added some extra flava too. The Blakkat Remix was created as the darker, more menacing sounding twin to the original. Hope clubbers enjoy these versions as much as we did making them!”

Iconic DJ Eric D Clark provides a sweltering remix with gritty 8 bit synths, smooth synth work, and crisp percussion true to his own unique sound.

He adds “when Blakkat inquired if I’d be interested in remixing Shaman DUREK… I thought, why does his name sound familiar…? Then I realized why!? Shaman DUREK is the fiancé of a friend: of a friend of mine! No brainer!”

How a Shaman to Gwyneth Paltrow got into house music + debut single remixed by DJ Sneak + more out now

About Shaman Durek:

Shaman Durek is a 6th generation shaman, and author of the best seller, ‘Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World.’

He is a visionary for the ‘Now Age,’ with a strong focus on the evolution of humanity, while also simplifying our experience through common sense practices.

Through his no nonsense teachings, he demystifies spirituality by making it attainable and understandable for not only the layman, but also for the more spiritually advanced, and everyone in between.

His teachings have impacted thousands, ranging from diverse public figures from Gwyneth Paltrow to tech giants like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee. Known as the first ‘spirit shaman’ to be featured in People Magazine, Shaman Durek’s work has been recognized globally by major publications such as Vanity FairThe New York Times, ElleMarie ClaireThe Los Angeles TimesThe Evening StandardYou MagazineGood Morning AmericaThis Morning, etc.

He recently made his artist debut with “My House”, a peak time club track that leans into the powerful spiritual effect both music and dancing have on us. In “My House”, Durek offers an energetic performance while exploring the inextricable link between finding meaning, healing, and deeper purpose on the dancefloor.


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