Hottest Designer Sneakers of the Season

Gone are the days people wore sneakers for exercising, strolling on weekends, or commuting. Today, there are new sneaker designs that you can wear for various occasions. This includes designer heels, boots, and other designer sneakers that will give you the wow factor and a comfortable and stylish look that compliments different clothing. Whether you plan to buy your first-ever designer sneaker or want to add more styles to your wardrobe, we’ve put together different types of luxury designs that can add a quality touch to your wardrobe.

Best Overall Luxury Sneaker

Here are the top classic, comfortable, fancy sneakers you can add to your wardrobe.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker

Every shoe closet needs a pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers. They come in quality materials, different sizes, and styles that can quickly get you noticed. The selection consists of low and high-top designs that perfectly match your jeans, casual dresses, and sweatpants.

Alexander McQueen sneakers are among the highly sort-for styles because of their comfort, leather materials, and metallic accent colors, among other high-top features that make the shoe stand out.

Some Alexander McQueen designs include sleek tread sneakers with glitter detail, tread slick, oversized leather trainers, sprint runners, and many others. The price ranges from $590 and comes in multiple colors such as white/pastel, white/black/ white/patchouli, and many more.

Alexander McQueen

Prada Cloudbust Thunder Lug Platform Sneaker

No one can resist the comfort and beauty of a Prada platform sneaker. These shoes are simple in shape with a neutral color. Prada makes you appear stylish and provides many alternatives for maximalist fanatics.

People love Prada because of its good quality and various designs. The company leverages different materials such as leather, satin, recycled nylon, and sued to produce quality and luxury shoes you can trust and use over time.

Prada shoes come at high prices but also with good quality. The prices range from $1,000. When choosing this type of sneaker, you should consider your taste before closing the sale.

Prada Cloudbust Thunder Lug Platform Sneaker

Off-White Sneakers

The classic comfort of Off-White sneakers is why you’d want to add them to your wardrobe. They have striking details that make your wardrobe the epitome of classic versatility.

Off-White can match anything in your wardrobe, giving you a sophisticated look and leaving you looking fashionable. They range from $705 and come in different materials: rubber sole, synthetic lining, and leather upper. Off-White is true to size, with a lace-up or high-top style.

Off-White Sneakers

Balenciaga Sneakers

The comfort level and style of a Balenciaga sneaker are the convincing power that can draw you close to this shoe. Balenciaga Sneakers are durable, flattering, and trendy. The most comfortable shoes include a sock sneaker, Balenciaga Track 2.0, Balenciaga Runners, and Balenciaga Speed.

Balenciaga shoes are slightly bigger than other brands, so it is important to consider the size before buying the sneaker. Balenciaga prices range from $865, depending on the design and size.

Balenciaga Track 2.0

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best brand of sneakers depends on your color choice, style, design, and brand. It can be challenging to get what suits your style, but with the above information, you can research different types and choose one that suits your style and budget.


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