HOMI – all you must know about the international trade fair

HOMI – all you must know about the international trade fair

HOMI : all you must know about the international trade fair


From the 11th to the 14th of March at Fieramilano, HOMI Fashion & Jewels, the eclectic showcase of jewellery and accessories hosts its new innovative proposals focusing on next summer’s trends, while home decor is the focus of HOMI Special Edition.

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HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition confirms its role as the heart of a sector which, together with the fashion industry, is an important driver for the recovery of the economy post Covid.

Numbers for the Italian export of the Fashion & Bijoux supply chain showed a significant recovery in 2021 (+ 11.5% in euro values), albeit partial, after the penalties of 2020 (-14.7%), reaching a target of around 3.5 billion euro.

Specifically, the prevalent share of Italian exports of this supply chain that is attributable to Fashion Accessories, hits a + 10.3% compared to 2020, landing a value of over 2.3 billion euro in 2021 , even if with values ​​almost 9 percentage points lower than the values pre-pandemics.

The Italian exports of Bijoux Products, on the other hand, recorded a new all-time high point last year, equal to 1112 million euro (+ 14.2% compared to 2020).

For the three-year period 2022-2025 it is expected an average annual growth of + 8.4% (in euro values) for the Italian export of products from the Fashion & Bijoux industry.


Even on a more global level, in 2021 the world trade in products of the Fashion & Bijoux supply chain showed significant recovery dynamics (+ 11.7% in euro values), after the contraction of the pandemic year 2020 (-13.5%). As of 2021, the value of world trade in this supply chain stood at around 40 billion euro.

In the 2022-2025 scenario – again for the world trade in products of the Fashion & Bijoux supply chain – an average annual growth of + 5% in values ​​in euros is expected, reaching over 48 billion euro at the end of the forecast horizon. (Data source: Export Planning)


The multiple segments of world trade in the Home sector showed a strong recovery in 2021, with some segments’ recovery exceeding the results for 2019.

Overall, the increase in global trade in this sector was +23.5% in euro values compared to 2020, almost +22% compared to the pre-pandemic levels.

In euro values, the HOME sector’s world trade reached a record of 134.3 billion euro, which has doubled in just ten years (10 years earlier the level was 68 billion euro).

Miscellaneous Household Goods is one of the segments with growth rates higher than 20%, where world trade at the end of 2021 was +21.7% higher than in 2019, totalling 26.6 billion euro.

That is the evolution of world trade in home products, while on average, Italian exports in the home sector grew by 24.4% compared to 2020, with a +10% compared to pre-pandemic levels and for a record value never before experienced of more than 2 billion euro.

Home Textiles, after a particularly negative 2020 (-14.2%), recorded the most accelerated growth performance in average for 2021 (+33.2%), returning to more than 14 percentage points above 2019 levels, amounting to 434 million euro. 


The forecast scenario, formulated on the basis of the latest International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook, indicates average annual growth rates for the 2022-2025 period as follows

  • +5.4% for total world trade (reaching over 144 billion euro)
  • +3.4% for Italian exports (expected to be close to 2.4 billion euro at the end of the period)

in the HOME sector. 

In particular, the Home Textile segment is the most dynamic at world level in the 2025 outlook (+6.1% on average per year in the 2022-2025 period in euro values).

Moderately positive trends are also expected for world trade in Miscellaneous Household Goods (+4.3% average per year in the 2022-2025 period).

Among the leading markets, the top 5 countries from which the greatest growth is expected are Germany, France, the USA, Spain, and the UK. 


Unprecedented ideas, news, and as said, trends are part of the wide range of proposals that animate HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, the event dedicated to bijoux,  jewellery, and fashion accessories that renews its appointment at Fieramilano ( Rho) once again.

Historical realities, famous bijoux and accessories labels, both Italian and international, including established and emerging designers, are the protagonists of this exhibition that will host 376 brands, 37% of which from abroad – in particular from Greece, Spain, Turkey, France, and India.

An exclusive showcase in which tradition and innovation come together. The offer is diversified in style and creativity, as a unique opportunity for buyers and retailers to find handcrafted creations, unique and original pieces, and innovative projects.

This is a great opportunity to discover the latest news and trends in the sector a swell, specifically for the next summer season.

From the design creations’ points of view, these are the main blocks of exhibition:

  • focus on particular research (implemented or never seen before);
  • the “evergreen”;
  • the must-haves of the summer season;

Among the brands representing Italy, there is the sophisticated creations of Sharra Pagano, an internationally renowned brand synonymous with creativity, beauty and craftsmanship,

Share Pagano's Jewels
Share Pagano’s Jewels

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 6

together with the unique and elegant jewels of Amlè, known all over the world.

Amlè Jewels
Amlè Jewels

From France, there are proposals signed Ziio Jewels, leading the trend of the mash-up between jewels in different materials.

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 9
Ziio Jewels

From India, the scenographic bracelets of House of Tuhina by AIBIJOUX, capable of reinterpreting the Indian tradition in the light of the contemporary allure.

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 11
House of Thuina

From Greece we mention the bracelets made of synthetic silk by Alexandra Tsoukala and the refined geometric creations with a contemporary design by Christina Brampti , known for her use of unconventional materials.

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 13
Alexandra Tsoukala
HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 15
Alexandra Tsoukala
HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 17
Christina Brampti


From Belgium, Bikkemberg Jewels, who, thanks to Lee Wood’s creativity, explores the world of jewelry with a touch of simplicity. Bikkemberg presents a new line, consisting of bracelets, necklaces and rings – entirely dedicated to men.

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 19

Swedish but based in the US, Yvone Christa NY brand offers its particular collections, handmade, with the Venetian filigree technique.

HOMI - all you must know about the international trade fair 21
Yvone Christa

From Canada, 7pm Leather Jewels, born from the ideas of an eclectic Canadian designer of Greek origins, focuses on human relationships, the human body, nature, and their interaction.


HOMI Special Edition is an event entirely dedicated to the world of living and home décor, that returns to Fieramilano (Rho) with a new and rich programme.

The industry’s top companies present exclusive products, symbol of values such as craftsmanship and research, and the result of a solid network of professionals of the Made In – sector. In addition to providing business and networking opportunities, this event will allow participants to get a preview of the latest developments in the sector.

Styles, trends, designs and new developments in the world of living return with 352  brands from 27 countries, 40% of which will be foreign.

The ambition is a contribution to designing a new, versatile scene for the world of living and decoration in general. Following a contemporary approach, the event aims to meet the most diverse needs of national and international visitors, giving value to start-ups, local manufacturing, territorial development and craftsmanship.

Specifically, the focus is put on the strength of the link between craftsmanship and home décor and the increasing number of companies that focus on reinforcing the local layerings in sectors such as, for example, table and kitchen, textiles, fragrances and home textiles.

Sustainability remains a central strategy, with ad hoc initiatives such as collaboration with Kiki-Lab.

Kiki-lab a company specialising in retail and consumption, creator of the KI-LIFE Sustainable Award whose 2022 edition is held at HOMI.

The award prizes Italian and international companies that have designed and created products and/or projects with a view to sustainable development, environmental awareness and social responsibility. The ceremony takes place at HOMI the 13th of March.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of managers, professionals and experts in retail and environmental and social sustainability, including:

  • Francesco Farinetti, CEO of Green Pea;
  • Paola Scalvini, Product Director of Coin Casa;
  • Chiara Bonanomi, Purchasing Manager of Feltrinelli;

A series of talks and workshops covering important and heartfelt themes will be held during the fair, in collaboration with various sector and business realities. Such themes include, among the others:

  • Store Evolution
  • the design of domestic spaces
  • consumer behaviour
  • new concepts
  • the shopping experience
  • the relationship between brands and customers
  • retail marketing
  • new materials 


Part of the HOMI Exhibition, the #BE exhibition cycle presents #Befree as a path to explore the connection between future and past, continuing a project to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage inherent to the nature of jewellery. #Befree investigates the creations of over 150 established designers and brands.

#Befree is organized in collaboration with Polidesign.

Polidesign is a non-profit consortium company founded by the Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic of Milan) and through it accesses the large pool of multidisciplinary skills present in the first and most important Italian technical university.

Polytechnic of Milan in the QS ranking 2021 in Art & Design Category classifies:

  • 1st in Italy
  • 3rd in Europe
  • 5th in the World

By participating to the organisation of #befree, Polidesign wants to celebrate the savoir faire in this supply chain by showing the most authentic essence expressed in accessories, intended as necessary elements of legitimated lifestyles.


In line with its fundamental characteristics, legitimated lifestyles, HOMI Fashion & Jewels and HOMI Special Edition relate to a broader vision, which also includes the other main trade fairs in the fashion sector, that, once again have decided to join forces and to concentrate the events dedicated to fashion accessories in a single stretch of time.

Under the banner of #betterTogether, in fact, HOMI, Micam, Mipel, The One Milano, will be held in partial overlap with each other.

  • Homi 11th to 14th of March
  • Micam 13th to 15th of March
  • Mipel 13th to 15th of March
  • The One Milano 13th to 15th of March

New York Style Guide expects to attend the events on the 14th and 15th of March 2022

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