HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra

HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches ‘NewCraftEra’: How to Take Environment Seriously

HOMI Fashion & Jewels joins the micro, small and medium-sized companies by launching the “NewCraftEra” project, in support of companies in the Italian fashion & lifestyle chainsluc, with particular regard to artisanal realities and a new concept of luxury.

The international exhibition dedicated to the best of fashion accessories, bijoux and trendy jewellery will reveal  – during the next edition happening from 19 to 22 September 2020 at Fiera Milano – a section with a high content of innovation, with a careful selection of collections and products with a refined and inspiring design. A human scale project, which will highlight the collections designed for a sustainable future thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials and the adoption of low environmental impact production processes.

Numerous young craftsmen will participate to the first edition.

  • Paula Castro – Portuguese designer of the LITTLE NOTHING brand that mixes precious materials such as silver with precious elements of Nature such as stones and twigs;

HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 17 HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 19

  • Eleonora Ghilardi and her game of contrasts that juxtaposes the whiteness of porcelain with the green soul of stabilized lichens;

HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 21

  • The rock soul of Serena Sinibaldi will be expressed through the bags of her Erè line;

HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 23 HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 25 HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 27

  • CYCLED which will present its collection of accessories in an upcycling key, transforming wasted material into a product suitable for a new use and which acquires even greater value than the original object.HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 29HOMI Fashion & Jewels launches NewCraftEra 31

The idea of ​​’NewCraftEra’ is precisely to encourage the diversity of businesses in line with the current evolution of the market scenario, that faces a rethinking of the entire fashion and lifestyle systems towards a slowdown in pace. A trend born from the new awareness that leads to enjoy luxury and artisan products at own pace, and no longer as quickly as compulsive consumers. A necessary step to highlight excellent manufacturing activities and to concentrate increasing attention on the care and the way in which an accessory is made.

Specifically, HOMI Fashion & Jewels will give concrete support to brands within this dedicated space: ‘NewCraftEra’ will be promoted through targeted incoming activities, a communication plan that enhances its peculiarities and distinctive features, and the digital community #befashionandjewels. Much more than a showcase, ‘NewCraftEra’ represents a hub of research and comparison for the determination and identification of excellence in the bijoux, jewelry and design accessories universe.

Next appointment with HOMI Fashion & Jewels: from 19 to 22 September 2020, in Fiera Milano (Rho). And next year from 20 to 23 February 2021.

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