How to Hold a Virtual Wedding: 3 Tips

With everything going on right now, your wedding plans may be out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get married in front of loved ones.

How to Hold a Virtual Wedding

The global pandemic put a pin in a lot of people’s plans, canceling everything from concerts to travel and even wedding plans. If your dream wedding was put on hold due to COVID-19, you may feel sad and worried about how to get married safely. Many couples are putting their wedding plans on hold or postponing for a year. You may not want to put off starting your life together as a married couple and there are still ways to get married during this difficult time—plus, you can still include your family and friends. Learn how to hold a virtual wedding with this guide.

Test the tech before your wedding day

Even in-person weddings usually have a rehearsal, but one is especially needed when you plan to hold a virtual wedding. Plan out what platform you plan to use to share the live video of your nuptials in advance. Do at least one test run before your actual wedding day to identify the issues and work out the ceremonies kinks. It is also a huge help to assign a tech support person to handle all the technical hiccups on the day of the ceremony. The person should be well-versed in the video platform and able to adapt to situations quickly.

Invite people like it’s an in-person wedding

Give people as much notice as possible that you’re planning to have a virtual wedding. People need a bit of time to adjust to the idea of a virtual ceremony and to understand what is expected of them and how it may work. Send out custom laser cut invitations to inform your guests of your upcoming wedding and outline what is needed of them, what they can expect, and how to join in the celebration. It can be helpful to provide a link and login information through the physical invitation and also in a follow-up email or social media post.


Delegation is the most important thing to do for any wedding, but especially a virtual wedding. The last thing the bride and groom need to be doing the day of their wedding is worrying about the camera angles, audio, and stream speeds. Delegate all tasks to trusted friends and family members; if you’re out of your depth, don’t be afraid to hire some tech wizards. Many people make the mistake of not hiring enough help or delegating because they assume a virtual wedding will be easier than a physical one. Enlist your friends and family to help; they’ll be excited to be a part of your big day and it will allow you to focus on getting married.

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