HED MAYNER Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


HED MAYNER Spring/Summer 2018 collection explores the digression at work in clothes stamped by a classic pedigree and transformed into unfamiliar items. IMTEMPORARY IMPORT elevates the shift of garments held in their generic designation (duster, jacket, shirt) while succumbing into a blurred status. Stripped from its original function, the back of a fitted trench coat collide with the fullness of its front cut in the raw canvas of an Israeli vintage tent. A cleaned to the bone kimono jacket reveals an unexpected military construction on the back while maintaining its everyday wearable objective through its bomber sleeves. Slashed backs on neo-dusters and pinstriped double breasted jackets are a constant leitmotiv.

They push forward the envelope of the individuality, capturing the versatile movement of exposing a deconstructed shirt or surfaces of flesh. In the same vein a Japanese canvas bulletproof vest or a boxy vinyl jacket, primitively closed with ropes ties, evokes the plan of an architect building a purist home. The silhouette is punctuated by handmade sandals contrasting a ready-made branded sneaker sole found on the copycat market of Tel-Aviv with the bare pattern of their upper part executed in thick furniture leather. Fabrics revolves from washed pinstriped wool, vintage denim, Japanese cotton, nylon mesh and weightless twill. Colors stick to menswear tones, travelling from natural hues, military khakis, to white and navy blue.



Versace Spring Summer 2018 Men's Fashion Show




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