If you’re super busy with family, work, and social commitments, you may find it difficult to eat healthy. You might think it takes too much time, especially with your already overcrowded schedule. Well, you can eat healthy without a huge time commitment. Here are 5 easy strategies that I recommend to my clients to get them started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Use a Crockpot to make multiple meals. Portion them out into freezer safe containers and freeze them. It’s super easy and fast. Some of my favorites are vegetarian chili, black-eyed peas and chicken cacciatore.
  2. Pack snacks in advance and leave them where you will need them most. These
    pre-portioned snacks fit perfectly in your glove compartment, purse or briefcase: Craisin and raisin boxes, granola bars (I recommend Fiber One, Kellogg’s Fiber Plus or Luna Fiber bars), and trail mix (Emerald Breakfast on the Go nut mix is a decent choice at 180 calories per pouch). If you have just a few minutes, make your own snacks to save money and provide some variety. Use Ziploc snack bags to pack a ⅓ cup of your own blend nut and dried fruit mix, or 1 cup of cereal (high fiber cereals are best because they keep you full). Keep a few fruit and low-calorie pudding cups in your refrigerator to swap for higher calorie options.
  3. Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal. This will decrease the other foods on your plate (there’s only so much room!), keep you full, and help you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
  4. When dining out, order from the appetizer menu. Two appetizers can be fewer calories than one entre. If you want the appetizer, share your meal or save half for lunch the next day.
  5. Replace the white. White rice, bread and pasta are all highly processed. The fiber and other healthy nutrients have been mostly removed. Healthier options are whole grain breads (Fiber One and Arnold’s Healthful breads are tasty and filling), and whole wheat pastas. Brown rice is good, but wild rice is better because it has more fiber and nutrients. Get creative with quinoa and couscous, which are very versatile since they can be eaten hot or cold.

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