The Rise of ‘He-vage’: Male Celebrities Embrace the Sensual Trendy Style

At The People’s Choice Awards ceremony where he was bestowed with the Music Icon Award, Lenny Kravitz once again demonstrated why he’s not just a musical icon but also a fashion icon. He turned heads by showcasing his impeccably toned chest in a bespoke Laquan Smith double-breasted jacket, complemented by a striking statement necklace and classic aviator glasses.

Kravitz, known for his daring fashion choices, has previously expressed his affinity for the low-cut look, particularly attributing it to his lifestyle in the Bahamas. In an interview with a Los Angeles television station, he remarked, “I don’t have many shirts. You know, I live in the Bahamas. I keep it kind of basic.”


This bold style, characterized by revealing necklines that expose a significant portion of the chest, has been coined as ‘he-vage,’ a term popularized by Urban Dictionary in 2007. While John Travolta may have initially captured attention with his unbuttoned shirts in “Saturday Night Fever,” contemporary male stars are reclaiming and redefining this trend on the red carpet.

Irish actor Paul Mescal was among those who recently embraced the ‘he-vage’ trend, flaunting it at the London Critic’s Circle Film Awards. Sporting a sleek ensemble, Mescal confidently showcased his toned chest, epitomizing the modern interpretation of this daring style.

Paul Mescal

Luxury alternatives have also made their mark, with celebrities like Barry Keoghan opting for designer pieces like Dolce & Gabbana’s white two-piece suit. Keoghan’s ensemble featured wide-leg trousers and a cropped, sleeveless jacket with a plunging neckline, accentuating his well-defined physique.

The resurgence of sensual styling among male celebrities has sparked a significant increase in global interest, as evidenced by an 86% rise in searches for ‘he-vage’ from January 2022 to January 2024. A fashion expert from BoohooMAN shared insights on this phenomenon, emphasizing the influence of celebrity fashion on mainstream trends.

Barry Keoghan

These findings underscore the enduring impact of celebrity fashion on our everyday style choices. While ‘he-vage’ has been part of the fashion lexicon for over 15 years, its recent resurgence emphasizes the importance of luxurious fabrics and impeccable tailoring to elevate the look,” the expert noted.

For those looking to emulate this trend, the expert suggests simply undoing a few more buttons on a shirt or opting for a v-neck t-shirt. Additionally, incorporating tailored pieces such as waistcoats and blazers without an undershirt can add a sophisticated twist to the ensemble. Experimenting with color-blocking techniques for jackets, trousers, and overcoats can further enhance the overall aesthetic, lending a more upscale appeal to the look.


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