Handling Hair Color During the Pandemic

Handling Hair Color During the Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every facet of daily life. It is nearly impossible to go about our routines without feeling or seeing the global pandemic’s impacts. There are a plethora of different problems to solve, and everyone has their own priorities as we all try to make sense of this new normal. While we all struggle to cope with the drastic changes, it is essential to take some time for yourself. For many people, hair color is a personal treat that makes them feel good. Hair dye might not be an essential supply, but ensuring you look your best can go a long way towards keeping your mental health stable. Many salons are still closed or risky right now, but that does not mean you must go without. 

With these tips and tricks, you can manage your hair color at home.

Handling Hair Color During the Pandemic

Preventing The Fade

Hair color or dye can be temperamental, but avoiding certain things will help make your color last longer. Many of these steps you should be doing already to maintain your color, but combining all these preventative tricks will make your color last as long as possible. 

Sulfate-Free Products

Sodium laureth sulfate or sodium laureth ether sulfate produce the foaming effect in shampoo and conditioners, but those ingredients can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. Once those protective oils and moisture are gone, your color will be stripped next and accelerate your color fade. Use shampoo and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair that do not use sulfates to protect your hair and color. 

Turn Down The Temp

High temperature opens up the hair cuticle and lets the color out. Avoid heating your hair with overly hot showers and heated styling tools. Shampooing in colder water might feel frigid, but it will protect your color from running down the drain. Hot water lets you color run out, but cold water helps seal moisture that will also protect your hair’s color. Limit how frequently you use heated styling tools because the heat will not only accelerate your color fade but will damage your hair. Damaged and dry hair does not hold color well, so the more you can avoid hot styling tools, the better. 

Washing And Products

It makes sense that to keep your hair happy and healthy, you should wash it every day, but that is not the case. Washing your hair everyday strips it of natural oils and moisture, but it also washes out your color. If possible, only washing your hair two to three days a week, but even washing every other day is better than washing every day. 

Washing your hair is essential, but not to the point of damage, but what you put in your hair also matters. Avoiding sulfate shampoo and conditioner is critical, but other products can help. Leave-in treatments will protect your hair and supply extra hydration to ensure your hair has all the nutrients it needs. Talk with your stylist to find the best leave-in treatment for your hair type.

Washing And Products

If you want to retouch your color, you have some options outside of at-home box dyes. In recent years, various color depositing shampoos and conditioners have become popular with fantasy hair colors. Viral shampoo and Overtone conditioner are popular color depositing products that will help keep your color vibrant between salon appointments. While these color-depositing shampoos and conditioners might not be an exact match to your color, they come in a variety of shades that will come close so that you can maintain your color.

Embrace The Fade

If you see your color fading, do not fret. Many hair dyes fade to interesting or exciting colors that are nearly impossible to create outright. Not every color fades well, but many do; this is especially true for fantasy or “crazy” colored hair. Vibrant purple hair will fade to a beautiful lavender and lilac that is sought after by many people. Royal blue hair will fade to lighter blues and silvers. You can take steps to prevent or slow the fade, but you can also embrace the fade and see what color your hair turns over time. 

Hair color and dye can be a pain to maintain, but you can take steps to slow down the color fade. Avoid sulfates in shampoos and conditioners, turn down your shower temperature, be careful with heated styling tools, do not wash your hair every day, look into leave-in treatments and color-depositing products, and, if all else fails, embrace your color fade and the unique colors time creates.