No two weddings will ever be quite alike. The design and style of every wedding will reflect the individual personalities of the people getting married and will therefore be perfect and special no matter what. While every wedding is unique, there are certain themes that many newlyweds tend to replicate on their special day. This guide explores four of the most popular wedding themes and provides tips to help you replicate them on your own special day.

Guide to Popular Wedding Themes


Though your wedding day is all about looking toward your future as a married couple, a vintage wedding style is a great way to look back on your past together. Vintage weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and provide a lovely sense of nostalgia to your special day. Vintage weddings are very popular because they offer a wide range of flexibility and freedom. A 1920s-inspired vintage wedding can be equally as beautiful as a ’50s sock hop–style event. For a ’20s-inspired wedding, consider decorating the venue in an art deco style, complete with metallic accents and geometric designs. To replicate the aesthetic of the 1960s, try adorning the reception hall with a decorative neon sign and opt for vibrant colors that were popular during the era.


One of the most popular wedding themes in recent years has been a rustic or bohemian-inspired theme. There’s something very romantic about the idea of celebrating your love while surrounded by nature. A rustic wedding theme allows you to remember the little things in life as you celebrate your marriage. Mother Nature will be your greatest adversary when designing a rustic-themed wedding. Decorate the ceremony and reception venues with elements that can be found in nature, such as wildflowers, natural wood, and decorative pebbles. These elements can all be utilized to create truly stunning centerpieces. Consider serving a meal made exclusively from local, organic produce to truly drive the theme home.


There’s something simple and stunning about a classic, modern wedding. This type of wedding adopts a more eclectic approach when decorating the ceremony and reception venues. Clean lines and monochromatic colors are often at play in this design style and can add a glamorous touch to any wedding venue. Keep things simple when designing this type of wedding and allow your marriage to take center stage at the event. Stick to a simple color palette that features two contrasting colors and use patterns sparingly. Black and white or white and navy blue are both popular choices for a color scheme in this wedding style.


A whimsical wedding allows the happy couple to express their individuality to the fullest extent. This type of wedding theme is perfect for anyone looking to have a wedding that’s unlike anything that’s ever been seen before. When designing a whimsical wedding, try to choose one central aesthetic and stick to it as much as possible. Choosing too many different trends will quickly become overwhelming, and your wedding will start to look like a hodge-podge of colors and patterns. Popular choices for a whimsical wedding include a Halloween-themed wedding, an Alice in Wonderland–inspired event, or a rainbow affair that draws inspiration from every color under the sun

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