Greentech Festival 2020


September 16-18, Kraftwerk Berlin & online

With the motto #celebratechange, Greentech Festival brings entrepreneurs, neo-green idealists and visitors from all over the world together to be inspired by the most innovative green technologies and ideas that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle. As the first festival of its kind, it combines an inspiring exhibition of green technologies, products and services, a conference featuring prominent forward thinkers, a climate-neutral concert and the ceremony for the GREEN AWARDS in cooperation with Audi. The three-day event is the center point of the festival and, at the same time, forms the core of the steadily growing platform of the same name for the green technologies and innovators making a contribution to quickly turning technological, economic and social change towards sustainability into a reality. In its second edition, the festival evolves into a digital-analogue hybrid event. With multiple new online formats and digital expansions of already established modules, Greentech Festival 2020 returns with more adaptability and global visibility than ever before.

Greentech Festival 2020 - Day 1

Through its separate modules, the festival directs specific content to different target groups, from business representatives and scientific and technological pioneers to the wider public – every person who wants to individually contribute to a greener future.

Greentech Festival 2020 - Day 1

For three days, visitors both on and offline will be astounded by the progress made to battle climate change and the throw-away economy. Whether green mobility, sustainable consumption, resourceful fashion and nutrition or environmentally friendly solutions for companies and start-ups, Greentech Festival promises to provide inspiration, exchanges and answers for the second time around, resulting in concrete action with impact.

Greentech Festival 2020 - Day 1 Greentech Festival 2020 - Day 1

Greentech Festival’s 2020 partner country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who, jointly with Italy, will host the UN climate summit COP26 in 2021.

GTF CONFERENCE – powered by Salesforce
A conference with acclaimed speakers from business, science and culture. As a hybrid event with both digital and analogue stages, Greentech Festival presents a wide spectrum of concrete methods and practical examples of how businesses, governments and all decision-makers can take the initiative to become more sustainable. Through keynotes, panel talks and workshops, prominent forward-thinkers are given a global platform on which to share their ideas and solutions, as well as the opportunity to exchange views, discover synergies and have an impact.

GREEN AWARDS – powered by Audi
At the ceremony at the heart of the festival, the green carpet will be rolled out to honor those powering the way to positive change, together with GREEN AWARDS founding partner Audi. Prominent guests from business, science, politics, sport and media will celebrate the most innovative green projects and minds at the exclusive ceremony, which, through an interactive livestream, will inspire people from all over the world to make their contribution to a greener future.

An interactive and future-oriented exhibition to discover the world of tomorrow. Exhibitors from the areas of energy, mobility, food and nutrition will enable visitors to experience a green future at their fingertips, which all curious minds will also be able to explore through a virtual walkaround.

GTF CONCERT – powered by Telekom
A musical highlight of the festival, this climate-neutral concert celebrates a greener tomorrow. Renowned international music artists will bring the Greentech Festival community together to create the perfect atmosphere for the festival. For everyone who can’t be there in person, the concert will be available to enjoy online.

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