Girl power, contrast and disruption for AGL, shoes made with passion in Italy

AGL stands for Attilio Giusti Leombruni, shoes made in Italy since 1958. The brand has passed from generation to generation, always in the lead of the family. Following the footstep of grandpa Piero and dad Attilio, today the third generation of this family, composed by the three sisters Sara, Vera and Marianna, is in charge of every side of the business.


Adored by the fashionistas in Milan, the Giusti sister are a symbol of girl power, a very Milanese story, where inclusiveness and equal opportunities mix. A city where, if you are truly passionate and believe in the value of your own personal view, then you are always given room to become who you want to be, given endurance, passion, sacrifice and attitude fit in your DNA. This compact trio contributes with their unique skills to create one of the Milanese cult shoes. They work like a musical trio: Sara and Vera manage the research and conceptual phases, while Marianna creates the drawings and contributes with her technical knowledge. 

 The Giusti sisters amazingly nail a collection after the other, carrying on a successful story that keeps on growing season after season.

 Three words define their work: dynamic, distinctive and timeless. 

 What the Giusti sisters created, is a totally unique art that blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine, and combines exclusive and sophisticated, with comfortable and effortless. The refined expertise translates into neat shapes and pure lines that combine with precise patterns. 

 The three sisters are devoted to innovation and as many Italian designers, they want the made in Italy to mean absolute excellence. In their case, we talk about Art Couture redefining originality, under the common goal of making it wearable and comfortable. It’s women shoes made by women, what’s on their mind is filling a specific gap: it should be a pleasure to wear their shoes.

 One thing to keep on mind about Italian design, is that it always comes from a reasoned idea to fill a gap. Everything is created not just to look beautiful, but to solve an issue that the creators have identified and solved. The Giusti sisters are all about don’t make it glamorous at the expense of fatigue and pain, make them a cloud to walk onto from morning to night. Because: shoes for women designed by women. At times it just has that little extra that they literally walk in the same shoes as you.

 Spring is soon on the way, and AGL has prepared a spring summer collection 2020 that is all contemporary, young and geometric. Colors, contrasts and a playful approach to the classics make this collection fun to look, great to wear, and easily remembered.

 We are taking about made in Italy, the gurus here keep on reminding consumers and competitors that elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered. Some philosophies become a fil rouge for everyone to follow. Let’s look at how this  translate in the joyful, colourful and delicate design of the Giusti sister’s spring summer 2020 collection.

 The essential graphic style is all about wittingly combining materials and defines the geometrical-pop character of all pieces. But with no further ado, let’s give a look at some pieces for the next season.


 Let’s start with the pointed mules with ankle strap and mini-stiletto. The choice of super glossy patent leather makes them stand out and be extremely flexible and adaptable. At the same time, the heels is more than friendly to both a long day and a long night standing. They can work under a cocktail dress, as well as complement a pair of jeans giving that popping color effect that style you for free time and working hours.

AGL_02 AGL_03

 The collection for spring summer is rich in color contrast and is very playful and young. Let’s give a look at the suede ballet flats, caged in a net structure of small knots up to the ankles. It’s genuine, it has a sense of street life but in a playful tone. Good for the younger  generations that can avoid the ballerina feeling and still be perfectly comfortable and fresh.

AGL_04 AGL_05 AGL_06

 Let’s move from playful to joyfully irreverent. For sure the gladiator sandals with their moving fringes are designed for both the cheeky and the romantically wild one.


 Color contrasts appear in the iconic model of the brand, the leather boot with half heel in contrast. The metallic leather ankle boots with mirror effect and a subtle python print are exuberant and luxurious. The red lacquer heel set in a position that better supports your body, lifts the posture discreetly.  This one is absolutely for the glamorous ones.


 Another jump from one dimension to the other, and the cowboy leather boots become a symbol of lightness and evanescence for the rocky spirit that does not want to completely abandon her feminine soul. It’s leather and micromesh, a combination that appears also in other models. They are feminine but made tougher with golden studs that pop up in contrast on multi coloured leather bands. It would look weirdly chaotic, but  it’s Giusti’s sister acclaimed mastership in piloting chaos, that gives perfect sense to the structure. When you create shoes that are meant to be remembered, that must comfortably fit like a glove too, without being too obvious, and if you have some drops of genius in your creative environment, then you can dare mix things like there were no tomorrow, and make something that is beautifully balanced. And the heels are always designed in a way that it absolutely do not put too much effort on your posture.


 A brand new block heel shaped like a quarter moon, is another element of feminine grace that adds to the news for the spring summer collection, and shows in boots, sandals and two coloured pumps. Here’s an example


 The sling back pump is very minimalistic and modern, with a small stiletto that makes them perfect also for the day.


 As mentioned, the micro mesh appears in more models, as in this case, the revisited half heel pumps, in patent-look calfskin that plays on transparencies that enhance the lightness and evanescence of spring moods. Lightness and evanescence can be considered key words for this season, together with contrast and geometry.


 In natural tones it is both timeless and modern


 Finally, the mystery ankle boot is once again a micro mesh combined with patent leather and is very feminine and glamourous while staying comfortable and practical.


 The sister Giusti are bringing a new sense of girl power into the manufacturing of shoes for women, made by women. Top impression is that they are meant to be wearable, glamorous and good from morning to late night.

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