GIGI Studios the Meeting Point between Tradition and Innovation

GIGI Studios the Meeting Point between Tradition and Innovation

The eternal struggle between modernity and tradition requires a deep-rooted sensitivity for craftsmanship and art as well as an innate inclination toward the new, and the ability to translate it through one’s own creativity.

Finding the space between those two extremes is never easy, nevertheless, GIGI Studios stands exactly there, between heritage and novelty, past and future, old and new.

The brand, founded in Barcelona, is in fact the fruit of the availability of the older generations to embrace the new. It is the brand of a family with years of experience in the eyeglass industry, which expanded its horizons through the introduction of the daughter, Patricia Ramo, to this world.

CEO and Creative director of the brand, Patricia Ramo’s perfectly executed intent was, indeed, to combine her contemporary vision to her father’s know-how and transform the brand created by her grandfather in the 60s into something fresh, young, and dynamic.

What started as a casual summer job 7 years ago, organically became a business venture for Patricia Ramo and a successful one at that. She had always been interested in fashion and design, but through her father, she was able to discover a passion for frames and for the process of creation that stands behind them.

Being in the area of business in which her family has always been involved, memories of her childhood have had an important role in constructing the DNA of the brand, starting from its name, GIGI, which is what her family called Patricia when she was younger.

The warmth of the familiar environment certainly made the demanding process of redefining goals, teams, suppliers, and designs in a business with set roles and rooted habits feel more natural, and only looking back, does Patricia realize the amount of work and time dedicated to the project.

Even coming in with a fresh outlook, Patricia’s goal was never to have a tabula rasa effect on the existing company. Her critical and objective analysis of the enterprise allowed her to weigh its components and divide the positives from the negatives, thus defining what needed to be safeguarded and what was transformed.

Some of the elements that Patricia deemed vital for the project were know-how and entrepreneurial resilience. Nevertheless, she recognized the need to introduce new and improved processes and designs to better fit the consumers’ and her own needs and expectations.

Available in 45 countries around the globe, GIGI Studios takes into account the various cultural backgrounds, environments, and customs which build the baggage of desires of the consumers, proposing a wide range of frames that resonate with how consumers conceive trends and how they imagine them being delivered in an environmentally conscious world.

The brand has not allowed plastic to enter the list of materials used to create the frames, preferring more sustainable options, like acetate from Italy, a noble organic material made from cellulose, beta titanium and titanium coming from Japan, and stainless steel, from Germany.

GIGI studios the meeting point between tradition and innovation

Environmental awareness is close to the heart of the creator, and for this reason, gatekeeping innovations like the use of acetate were never part of the plan, and when asked what one of the most cherished moments of her career was, Patricia described the sense of achievement she felt when more and more brands began to use acetate in their frames.

The adaptation of traditional craftsmanship to new materials and new designs is an act that GIGI Studios offers to its consumers to allow them to feel nothing but their best when wearing their glasses. In fact, GIGI Studios stands for individualism and for the chance to express oneself through even the smallest of accessories.

The line “Show your I’s”, which became the backsplash of many pictures during the event held at Silencio Paris during Fashion Week, perfectly expresses this idea, being it an invitation for the consumer to be his/her most authentic self.

Even the venue chosen for the event perfectly embodied all the values of the brand, from the idea of balance between tradition and innovation, with designs of the 50s for the interiors and music and lights with a very contemporary, almost futuristic feel, to the sense of individualism, with mirrors and sets for the guests to improvise photo shoots while trying on the many sunglasses available.

The success that GIGI Studios has seen in the past years is nothing short of immense, so for the next few years, it’s only natural that Patricia Ramo expects the brand to follow a steady trajectory to the top, thinking about stepping into new markets, like the USA, and consolidating its presence in the highest performing ones, like France and Italy.

While there are many resellers around the globe, GIGI Studios has yet to open its own boutique and is expecting to do so in the years coming. Although the location hasn’t been revealed, all sunny cities should remain on high alert, as this is one of the characteristics the city must possess, according to Patricia, to host the very first GIGI Studios boutique.

GIGI studios the meeting point between tradition and innovation

GIGI studios the meeting point between tradition and innovation


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