Gift Ideas That Reflect Your Partner’s Love Language

Gift Ideas That Reflect Your Partner’s Love Language

Struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for your partner this year? Consider their love language! Love languages provide us with a lot of insight into how people prefer to show and receive affection.

Gift Ideas That Reflect Your Partner’s Love Language

Review tangible and intangible gift ideas that reflect your partner’s love language to bring about a successful holiday season.

The Five Love Languages

Physical Touch

This is fairly self-explanatory; people with this love language show or receive love with physical displays of affection like hugging, holding hands, or kissing.

Gift ideas

  • A weighted blanket is a perfect present for someone who adores physical touch. While you’re away, a weighted blanket can simulate a nice hug and calm your partner’s nerves.
  • Give your partner cozy pajamas this year. These will make for the perfect excuse to cuddle up and binge holiday specials on TV.
  • Get creative and crafty with partner coupons! Create a fun booklet that offers “coupons” for moments of physical touch, like a hug or massage. A coupon catalog of cute acts makes a warm and meaningful stocking stuffer.


Many folks materialize their appreciation for someone in the form of a gift. If this is the case for you, you probably appreciate the holidays as an excuse to go all out!

Gift ideas

  • There are many reasons to personalize a gift for your loved one. It adds sentimental value and shows you went the extra mile!
  • Consider the five senses gift idea. Purchase five gifts for your partner, one to stimulate each of their senses. This is an interactive and creative way to spoil your partner.

Quality Time

People whose love language is quality time enjoy spending moments with their partner more than anything. They love watching a movie, having dinner, or going for a walk together.

Gift ideas

  • Surprise them with a weekend trip for just the two of you to spend some meaningful time together.
  • Book cooking or wine tasting classes—fun and delicious ways to spend quality time together.

Acts of Service

Expressions of love take the form of a helpful service with this type of love language. People utilize acts like cooking and cleaning to share their adoration for their significant other.

Gift ideas

  • Take care of any chores or holiday decorating around the house. If you feel like splurging, drop some cash on cleaning or decorating services to provide only the best for your partner.
  •  Plan an elegant at-home date night with a home-cooked meal.

Words of Affirmation

Gratitude is expressed verbally with this love language. People with this type find it most enjoyable to share their love for someone through affirming words.

Gift ideas

  • Engraved jewelry serves as a constant, lovely reminder of how much your partner means to you. This is a truly timeless gift idea that reflects your partner’s love language.

Write down fond memories or traits you appreciate in your partner. Assemble these in a jar or journal to give to your partner as a thoughtful gift.

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