Galo shares new single “Touch Me, Tease Me”

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Galo shares new single 'Touch Me - Tease Me'
Emerging Florida-based DJ and producer Galo is set to unleash his electrifying new single  “Touch Me Tease Me” on September 8th, igniting dance floors around the world with his signature sound. The track, characterized by its captivating vocals, pulsating basslines, and infectious kicks, is a testament to Galo’s mastery of the genre.


Galo’s journey to this pivotal moment has been nothing short of extraordinary. With an ongoing and wildly successful summer tour that has taken him to exhilarating destinations including San Diego, Detroit, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando, Galo has been enchanting audiences with his dynamic performances and infectious energy.


Adding to his list of achievements, Galo is scheduled to grace the stage at the highly anticipated Imagine Festival in September, a testament to his meteoric rise within the electronic music scene. Earlier this summer, Galo showcased his musical prowess as he played direct support for none other than Tchami, a milestone that further solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with.


Reflecting on the upcoming release, Galo expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It’s been a  long-time goal of mine to have a release on Confession, and I think it’s coming at a great time for me. I’ve been listening to Tchami and following the label since 2016, so it’s  awesome to now be a part of it.” Galo shed light on the genesis of “Touch Me Tease Me,”  revealing that the track was born from a period of experimentation with diverse sounds. “The first time I tested it out, I had a feeling I was on to something,” he shared. After holding onto the track for a while, Galo decided to send it to Confession on a whim. “Of all the tracks I sent them, I wasn’t expecting them to pick this one, but here we are now and I couldn’t be more excited.” 


Galo’s previous accomplishments have set the stage for this upcoming release. Earlier this summer, he delivered two massive hits on House Call and Insomniac Records, solidifying his position as a producer with an innate ability to captivate listeners and drive the dance music community forward.


“Touch Me Tease Me” is poised to leave an indelible mark on the tech house scene, and  Galo’s partnership with Tchami’s Confession Label is a match made in musical heaven. Prepare to be transported into the heart of Galo’s pulsating beats and catchy melodies as he continues to push boundaries and set dance floors ablaze.


Galo shares new single 'Touch Me - Tease Me'
Galo shares new single 'Touch Me - Tease Me'
Don’t let Galo fool you, while he is a fresh face on the scene, he is no stranger to musicianship. The Connecticut native has humble beginnings in studying music theory and learning an impressive six instruments by age 18. Having relocated to Florida to pursue his Master’s, Galo found himself splitting his time between conducting research and writing music. With notable releases on Insomniac, Terminal Underground, Night Service  Only, Hood Politics, Space Yacht, Uprise, and Do Not Duplicate, Galo has seen support from the likes of John Summit, Lee Foss, CID, Dr. Fresch, Gordo, David Guetta, Franky  Rizardo, Noizu, and many others. School is out and the Florida sun is shining, so keep your eyes peeled for this rising talent. There is much more in the books for Galo.
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