FYLI & Collabaret Joined Forces for a Genderless Cross Generational IWD2020 Celebration

FYLI & Collabaret Joined Forces for a Genderless Cross Generational IWD2020 Celebration

FYLI is NYC’s First Female Executive Master-Mind that Helps Women Rise (Renew, Inspire, Support, Empower)

FYLI, a female executive master-mind, and production company Collabaret, gathered over 275 attendees on Sunday, March 8th at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn to celebrate International Women’s Day. The crowd consisted of women and men ages 16-60+ from diverse backgrounds.

The event was titled The Brighter Side – a  celebration of feminine perspectives and those of their allies to celebrate equality and highlight how much women have achieved. Guests arrived into the William Vale’s ballroom and were greeted with mimosas, Boxed Water, Served Natural Food, Milene Jardine chocolates, and beats by DJ, Lady Blaga. Attendees received products from Image Skincare.

The space was completely transformed in bright hues of orange and pink, with beautiful floral accents by female-founded Brooklyn florist, Rosehip Social.

The experience was illuminated through visual art installations by: Wendy Hu, founder and creative director of Visual Conductor, Marc Parroquin, producer at Visual Conductor,  Arianna Laylah, creative director/designer, Shannan Mullins, photographer, Hana Flynn, multimedia artist, and Simi Mahtani, multidisciplinary designer.

The Brighter Side starter with a guided meditation by Donna D’cruz, Founder of Rasa Living. By learning breathing techniques, and taking a few moments to pause and slow down, our entire audience felt centered, calm, and connected.

Susan Rockefeller kicked off the conversation by addressing guests with the history of International Women’s Day, her own personal experiences, and advice she would tell her younger self.

“You need to put time into your passions, each precious idea, and the people you love, to ensure a lasting legacy. And because we are women among women, I want to touch upon the importance of female mentorship. Studies show that women set more ambitious life goals in the presence of other women they admire so ‘Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions,’ as Mark Twain once wisely advised, ‘Because the really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.’ And it’s a two-way street. I love mentoring young women because I learn as much from them as I hope they learn from me!” -Susan Rockefeller 

The panel discussion consisted of an open and authentic conversation between Amani Duncan, SVP of MTV, Larry Milstein, Co-Founder of PRZM, Natasha Hastings, two time Olympic Gold Medalist, and was moderated by Susan Rockefeller, Philanthropist & Editor-in-Chief of MUSINGS Magazine.

“As a community, we bear the responsibility to highlight, encourage and support women” shared Amani Duncan, SVP of MTV. “While International Women’s Day provides the landscape for us to do this good work and celebrate each other, I believe every day should be International Women’s Day. Through our commitment to support each other and actively engaging in cross-generational conversations we are allowing ourselves the freedom, opportunity and space to continuously evolve.”

Amani spoke about the beginning of her career, and how she literally took out a yellow book and called Bad Boy Records to ask for her first internship. Mrs. Duncan also discussed the importance of acknowledging gender bias, and ways we can change our language to ourselves. Natasha Hastings shared her personal journey from the transition from a two time Olympic Athlete into motherhood, and dealing with imposter syndrome. Larry Milstein shared his perspectives on the importance of involving men in the conversation, and how Gen Z is carving out a new path to celebrate and support strong female leaders.

“I think it’s important that we celebrate our accomplishments as women, but also be a part of the change. We need more women in the decision making space and what better way to start by empowering us and being an inspiration to generations to come.” – Natasha Hastings 

“Throughout my life, many of my most formative role models and mentors, whether my mother and sisters, teachers, colleagues, friends have been women who have embraced their inner power even in the face of double standards and unfair societal expectations. This has been particularly true as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, who has often relied on the allyship of women, particularly queer, trans, and black trans women, who have an even more acute understanding of the intersectional forces at play. It is important to share cross generational perspectives so we can acknowledge the progress that has been made and the work left to be done.” – Larry Milstein

Kat Cunning, musician, choreographer, and actor seen on HBO’s “The Deuce” and Netflix’s “Trinkets” delivered closing remarks from their perspective as a non-binary individual who truly believes in love, kindness, and self expression. Kat performed their original song, “Beautiful Boy” and had all attendees dancing and clapping along.

Guests left the event feeling inspired, supported, and motivated to create change in their own communities and workplace, and, with the new, meaningful connections made during the event, they departed The William Vale ready to RISE.


FYLI was created to bring together a room of diverse thinkers and dreamers who can shift conversations, contribute new opinions + feedback, and bring different perspectives with clarity and directness that moves the needle. Our mission is to create a sense challenge and inspiration that allows women to RISE in every aspect of their lives (Renew, Inspire, Support, Empower).

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