From Darkness to Light: Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Illuminate the Path” by Alexandra Spirer

“How Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Can Help Us Go from Darkness to Light”

From Darkness to Light: Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Illuminate the Path" by Alexandra Spirer

Dr. Dawn Ella, CEO and Founder of Supernal World Creations, Soul Link & The Soul Medic, is a highly accomplished expert in Complementary, Integrative, and Alternative Medicine, holding accolades as a Soul Physician, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, and Ordained Minister. Guided by divine intervention, her mission began with the birth of her son, Michael, leading her on a profound journey to understand the formative years’ impact on the subconscious mind. In 2006, a near-death experience gifted her a deep understanding of the soul’s higher vibrations, explored in her memoir, “The Energy Tree, The Reflection.” Undeterred by challenges, she directs her expertise towards holistic well-being and humanitarian innovations through Supernal World Creations, including the groundbreaking Soul Link application, driven by her belief in transformative potential, transcending boundaries, and paving the way for a brighter future.

Can you share with us your background and your career?

My journey is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of Complementary, Integrative & Alternative Medicine. With credentials as a Soul Physician, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, and Ordained Minister, I have been at the forefront of leading the non-profit Supernal World Creations, a mission of Humanitarian Innovations. The origins of this noble mission can be traced back to the birth of my son Michael, a pivotal moment that set me on an enlightening spiritual path. Guided by divine intervention, I recognized the pivotal role of imparting wisdom during my formative years. Research unveiled that the most impactful perceptual programming of the subconscious occurs from birth through age six, shaping a child’s beliefs and understanding.

At the heart of my holistic approach stands The Soul Medic, an embodiment of Soul Work healing and Soul Mentoring. Through this transformative practice, I delve deep into the core of individuals’ souls, facilitating profound shifts in consciousness. The Soul Body Optimization process, a unique offering, further enhances this journey. By harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, it opens doors to self-discovery and holistic well-being.

In conjunction with these offerings, the Soul Link App facilitated through Supernal World Creations Non-Profit for Humanitarian Innovations, plays a vital role. This innovative application serves as a beacon of hope, offering personalized tools and resources to navigate the complexities of life. Soul Link App fosters a sense of belonging and understanding, connecting individuals with a community that comprehends their journey. Through The Soul Medic, the Soul Body Optimization process, and the Soul Link App, we empower individuals, fostering resilience, grace, and a Soulful well-being. Together, we pave the way for a brighter, harmonious future, one soul at a time.

From Darkness to Light: Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Illuminate the Path" by Alexandra Spirer

What is your mission and how does Soul Link help you accomplish your mission?

Seventeen years ago, my life took a transformative turn after a tragic car accident put me into a three-day coma. During this profound experience, I transcended the confines of my physical body and ventured into the ethereal realms. In this extraordinary state, a resounding message reverberated to me: ‘It’s not your time yet. You must return.’ Embracing this divine guidance, I asked, ‘What is my purpose?’ The answer was clear – I was destined to heal people and utilize the bridging technique for transmutation. This marked the beginning of my mission and the personal transformative journey.

Upon my return, I faced a year of being bedridden, during which I realized the imperative of healing myself before extending healing to others. Fueled by this insight, I immersed myself in extensive studies, delving into various modalities of healing and Wisdom. This period of intense learning became the catalyst for the genesis of Soul Link, a meditation app conceived in the spiritual realm but firmly grounded in the tangible, designed to bridge the spiritual and physical domains.

Incorporating this wisdom, Soul Link encompasses a unique blend of Musical Compositions, Cinematic Earth Visuals, and Focus-Enhancing Frequency waves. These elements are meticulously crafted to influence the subconscious mind, aligning with my deep-rooted mission of holistic healing.

The visual component, inspired by my near-death experience during which my eyes were open, encourages users to embark on this transformative journey with a wide-eyed perspective, enabling a profound and clear insight into their unique path of healing and self-discovery. This design encourages individuals to open their eyes to their Inner Inside Journey, awakening the discovery of their individual missions.

Given many of us face times of feeling dark, isolated, and lonely, how can Soul Link and your new app help?

In moments of darkness, isolation, and loneliness, Soul Link and our new app serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path toward inner peace and connection. Through carefully crafted audiovisual experiences and transformative content, Soul Link fosters a sense of belonging and understanding, providing solace during challenging times. The app offers personalized tools and resources, tailored to uplift your spirit and nurture your well-being, connecting you with a community that understands your journey. It’s more than just an app; it’s a sanctuary where you can find solace, support, and a renewed sense of purpose. Soul Link and our new app are here to remind you that even in the depths of despair, there’s a glimmer of hope, and you’re never truly alone on this transformative journey.

From Darkness to Light: Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Illuminate the Path" by Alexandra Spirer

How does the Soul Link app work – in layman’s terms?

The Soul Link app acts as your portable oasis for tranquility and emotional well-being. Think of it as your personal guide, always there when you need to find calm amidst life’s chaos.

At its core, the Soul Link app combines soothing music and serene visuals, creating a peaceful ambiance that relaxes your mind and soothes your soul. It’s akin to listening to your favorite comforting music or gazing at a calming sunset but with a purpose.

When you use the app, you’ll discover various features tailored to your needs. There are meditation sessions in 5-minute, 12-minute & 22-minute segments, like brief mental getaways, helping you clear your mind and alleviate stress. You might also find guided visualizations, and mental stories that transport you to tranquil places, allowing you to momentarily escape the demands of everyday life.

One of the app’s key features is its adaptability to your emotions. Feeling anxious? There are specific sessions designed to calm your nerves. Need a confidence boost? There are resources to uplift your spirits. It’s like having a personalized emotional toolkit at your fingertips.

In essence, the Soul Link app is your digital sanctuary, a space to relax, rejuvenate, and restore emotional balance, allowing you to “Find Your Self.” It’s there to help you navigate life’s challenges, providing a haven where you can find peace and inner strength, all conveniently accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Are there any specific initiatives or projects you are most excited about right now; can you explain why?

Absolutely, there’s a groundbreaking initiative that has us incredibly enthusiastic at Soul Link. Currently, we’re diligently crafting a Virtual Reality Meditation experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology like the new Apple Vision Pro VR. This project is set to redefine meditation by providing an eyes-open experience, a feature unique to Soul Link. Anticipated to launch in mid-2024, this immersive journey will allow users to delve even deeper into their meditation practice. It’s not just about closing your eyes and disconnecting; it’s about opening your eyes to a whole new dimension of mindfulness, enhancing the way we connect with our inner selves and the world around us. We believe this innovative approach will revolutionize the way people experience meditation, making it more engaging, transformative, and accessible than ever before. We’re thrilled about the potential of this project to usher in a new era of mindfulness, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

What are your hopes and dreams for the overall impact of Soul Link in the world?

People all over the world are dealing with difficult challenges and adversity. Can you share how you have dealt with this in the past and what you would recommend to others? 

Certainly, our hopes and dreams for Soul Link extend far beyond the realm of an ordinary app. We envision Soul Link as a beacon of light, reaching individuals worldwide who are navigating the storms of life. Our aspiration is for Soul Link to be a steadfast companion, providing solace and strength to those facing challenges and adversity. We aim to create a global community bonded by resilience, hope, and inner peace, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences.

In the face of difficulties, our approach at Soul Link has always been rooted in empathy and understanding. We acknowledge the struggles people endure and strive to offer not just a tool, but a sanctuary—a safe space where individuals can find reprieve amidst life’s hardships. We believe in the transformative power of self-compassion and self-awareness, encouraging users to acknowledge their emotions and embrace vulnerability.

We recommend a holistic approach to dealing with challenges. It involves embracing mindfulness, fostering a positive mindset, and seeking support when needed. Soul Link is not merely an app; it’s a companion on the journey to resilience. It encourages users to explore their inner strength, practice self-care, and connect with others who share their struggles.

Moreover, we advocate for the power of the community. Sharing experiences, supporting one another, and finding inspiration in the stories of resilience can create a network of strength. By fostering these connections, individuals can navigate challenges with greater courage and fortitude.

Ultimately, our message is one of hope. We encourage everyone to embrace the adversities as opportunities for growth, understanding that even in the darkest of times, there is a glimmer of light. With Soul Link, we aim to magnify that light, illuminating the path toward healing and empowerment for people around the globe.

When it comes to understanding the importance of our soul, in your opinion, what are we missing or overlooking?

In my perspective, understanding the importance of our soul is akin to recognizing each of us as a unique, intricate piece of a cosmic puzzle. Every soul is distinct, carrying its individual essence and purpose. It’s a profound journey in life, a quest to find our rightful place in the larger puzzle of existence. The challenge lies in recognizing the potential within us and the opportunities to illuminate our piece of the puzzle.

Often, what we overlook is the presence of blockages – fragments that obscure the brilliance of our soul. These blockages could be doubts, fears, societal expectations, or past traumas, creating a fog that hampers our clarity and purpose. Yet, these obstacles are not insurmountable; they are opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

By acknowledging these challenges and actively seeking ways to remove these fragments, we embark on a transformative process. It’s akin to gently clearing away the dust from a precious gem, revealing its inherent radiance. We must delve deep within ourselves, exploring our passions, facing our fears, and embracing our vulnerabilities.

Each of us holds the power to remove these barriers, allowing our unique puzzle piece to shine brightly. As we navigate this journey of self-realization, we not only illuminate our own soul but also contribute to the brilliance of the entire cosmic puzzle. It’s a collective endeavor where every illuminated piece adds to the overall picture of universal consciousness.

In essence, understanding the importance of our soul involves recognizing our individuality, acknowledging the hurdles that dim our light, and actively engaging in the process of self-discovery and healing. By doing so, we not only find our place in the grand puzzle of existence but also inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys, creating a harmonious mosaic of souls shining brightly in the universe.

Soul Link, our transformative platform, serves as a guiding light on this profound journey. Personalized meditative experiences, aid in removing these fragments blocking the soul. By offering a diverse array of various features tailored to your needs, it empowers individuals to navigate their unique challenges. Soul Link illuminates the path to self-discovery and healing, helping individuals shine brightly as unique, integral pieces of the cosmic puzzle.

From Darkness to Light: Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Illuminate the Path" by Alexandra Spirer

You find a lot of pleasure in being outdoors, walking on the beach, and enjoying nature – how does this feed you?

Being outdoors, especially walking on the beach and immersing myself in nature, is not just a source of pleasure for me; it’s a profound nourishment for my mind, body, and soul. Nature has an extraordinary ability to evoke a myriad of positive emotions, from calmness and joy to enhanced creativity. When I connect with the natural world, it’s like plugging into a boundless source of serenity and inspiration.

Scientifically, these feelings of well-being and tranquility are well-documented. Nature has a unique way of facilitating concentration, allowing thoughts to flow freely and ideas to flourish. Nature’s grounding effect deeply resonates with me. Being outdoors is more than a physical sensation; it’s a holistic experience that rejuvenates my being. It provides a respite from life’s complexities, offering a chance to unplug and reset amidst nature’s tranquility. Scientific studies affirm what I’ve always felt intuitive: nature’s healing power acts as a balm for the soul, reducing stress and fostering emotional well-being. It’s not just a pleasure; it’s my sanctuary, bringing harmony to my life.

In essence, my time outdoors, especially by the beach, is not just a leisure activity; it’s a vital part that sustains my mental and physical well-being. It’s a holistic therapy that nurtures my creativity, restores my focus, and imbues me with a sense of calm and vitality. Nature, with its boundless beauty and grounding energy, is my sanctuary, providing me with the balance and harmony essential for a fulfilling life.

Where do you see yourself and your business going in this new year and in the future?  

In the coming year and beyond, I envision my business, especially the Soul Link app, reaching new heights of innovation and impact. We are actively exploring clinical trials to scientifically validate the transformative effects of our platform, aiming to provide evidence-backed support for mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, we are delving into the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, set to revolutionize mindfulness practices. This immersive technology will offer users an unparalleled, eyes-open meditation journey, fostering deeper connections with themselves and nature. Our mission is to continue pioneering advancements in holistic wellness, making meaningful strides in the realm of mental health and personal transformation.

With great fanfare, Dr. Dawn Ella and her team are introducing the cutting-edge, innovative Soul Link App ™ at a launch party in Naples, Florida, on Monday, November 6. There will be an opportunity for guests to experience the Soul Link App firsthand with Virtual Reality headsets. This remarkable new technology is available at and in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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