Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2021 Collection


The Roman designer, Francesca Liberatore is preparing for the presentation of her SS2021 collection with an event/show in solidarity for the non-profit, Golfini Rossi. The designer’s style philosophy as related to fashion is to communicate and represent the current social context as much as possible in addition to continually evolve the brand which is already known globally as an advocate of Made in Italy, and this season will support the project: Sanità a Mvimwa.

The project, launched in 2019 to support the Benedictine Monastery of Mvimwa in Tanzania, has already completed the ground-up construction of a maternity ward, a pediatric ward and has approved the establishing of a mobile clinic in order to reach the population in the rural villages. The next important goal to be achieved, and in collaboration with the designer, is the raising of funds for the construction of a canteen and kitchen (with an adjoining didactic kitchen to teach new mothers how to fight child malnutrition) and an indispensable physical rehabilitation department with entrances for the disabled.

“In this, as in other past historical moments, we cannot fail to evaluate that fashion as interpreter of desires and needs, should revise its priorities. I persist in the absolute need for new formats, where the goal of a fashion show cannot just be an end to selling in an oversaturated market. Fashion for the designer is the evolution of the eye and stimulus, capturing contemporary changes and offering an aesthetic yet palpable point of reflection to those who love and follow it. During the Covid-19 health emergency, I have reflected constantly about who to involve with my fashion show, which as a designer has always been at the heart of my work, and as usual to do something interesting and ‘out of the box’ for others and myself (keeping in mind we have never related to such a time of stillness or loneliness) while taking the situation into account and reaching beyond hope to obtaining ‘more’: joy. So, following the campaigns shared during the emergency for Giovanni XIII of Bergamo with DHL (always by my side), and for Banco Alimentare with EveryChildisMyChild, thus came the idea of involving Tiziana Bernardi in my project, as her Onlus Golfini Rossi was preparing the launch of two great new endeavors,” declares Francesca Liberatore, also known for her role as an international expert for the United Nations.

“Francesca is an independent designer, we met last year during an interview where they asked me for a testimony
of what we do,” says President Bernardi “… she has a truly extraordinary professional profile as well as being a creative, energetic, positive woman. She called me a few days ago to announce that she is willing to auction all the clothes of her new collection, which will be shown during fashion week in September, donating all proceeds to our non-profit organization to support phases 4 and 5 of the project, Healthcare in Mvimwa. A new way of making our Association known, but above all of doing good by mobilizing entire supply chains is emerging.”

The non-profit association is so named in remembrance of children’s uniforms in some primary schools in African countries. For over five years, Onlus Golfini Rossi has been realizing projects in the health, Nutritional and educational fields in collaboration with national scientific partners and Tanzanian government institutions.

Francesca Liberatore in turn has always made creative freedom a strong point, “to maintain an open mind and consistent information, I teach fashion and collaborate with the UN, a wonderful experience that over the years has led me around the world to get to know realities that are totally different from ours and often less fortunate.”  In fact, Liberatore holds the chair of fashion at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, is a professor of fashion design at NABA in Milan and is a senior guest lecturer at Marist College in New York. Advising students with their aspirations every day, she knows perfectly well how important it is to help someone to believe in their dreams and in their future. “We can’t, especially at a time like this, not support the most fragile populations, or not believe in projects created to improve their present and, above all, their future” and she continues, “I believe it’s important that a group of professionals from different sectors but united by a creative language and human sensitivity, converge to pursue a concrete goal by presenting themselves and their strength to propose an example of creation of value and values through the beauty of fashion and creativity.”

The fashion show/event to be held on September 25th, during the next Milan Fashion Week in the central Brera district, will have a totally new format thanks to the essential help of Cambi Aste, an auction house founded over twenty years ago that combines dynamic and avant-garde proposals with traditional exhibitions of ancient and modern art. Championing the project with great humanity, enthusiasm and professionalism, they will present the designer’s SS2021 collection by bringing it to live auction on site and via live streaming, to buyers connected by phone or on site bidding in real time while donating all proceeds toward the non-profit Onlus Golfini Rossi’s Healthcare project. “In the Milan office where we organize the sales of contemporary art and design, an auction involving fashion could not be missing to complete the offering,” says owner Matteo Cambi, “I think that during a fashion week nothing like this has ever been done and these new challenges always fascinate me, thus it will be to trigger a sales process applied to art for the product of a fashion show and interconnect a fashion show within an auction mechanism.”

Even Huawei, a leading company in the technology sector, which shares the values underlying the inspiring  philosophy of Liberatore, will don the catwalk with an ecosystem of products chosen for the occasion and luxuriated by the models, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, PCs and headphones, offering tangible  technological support to the show. The designer has in fact integrated the Huawei ecosystem into a “circular reality” in that, whoever at the event is protagonist, whether present in the room or connected via streaming, thanks to the immersive displays of the devices that will allow everyone to become both work and creator at the same time in an active passive role, will align with the proceedings of the auction itself. “At Huawei we work every day to create projects that combine technology and human talent,” says Isabella Lazzini, Marketing & Retail Director Huawei CBG Italia “…such as that demonstrated by Francesca Liberatore, an avant-garde designer who has always stood out for her creative flair and for the original ideas and formats adopted in her fashion shows. We are therefore very excited to collaborate with Francesca and to make the show even more interactive, thanks to our ecosystem of products, for those present and for those who will be connected.”


FRANCESCA LIBERATORE (Rome, 1983) graduates at Central Saint Martins in 2007 and immediately starts work for some of the world’s most celebrated design houses including Viktor & Rolf – Amsterdam, Jean Paul Gaultier – Paris and Brioni woman upon her return to Italy.

In 2009 Liberatore steps out on her own and launches her namesake label winning Italy’s prestigious Next Generation competition promoted by Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana and continues presenting runway shows during Milan Fashion Week.

Francesca Liberatore, both the creative director, and the collection are an immediate hit. The following years she shows in some of the world’s most celebrated cities and venues, Paris, London, Canton, New York, thanks to special capsule and important international partnership projects, including Moulin Rouge Paris, Saga Furs, Swarovski, NAFA, Lineapelle and more.

Her work has been installed in exclusive venues such as the Triennale Museum of Milan and Edieuropa Gallery in Rome. Throughout these years, Francesca shares her unique experience and  style, teaching in Italy and abroad in the best fashion and design schools from Milan to New York as a professor (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti (NABA), Marist University), but also in Jordan, Vietnam, Perù, Cuba, Pakistan and Armenia as an international expert for the United Nations.

Passion and determination are the key of her success, upholding the Made in Italy name overseas. In 2014 Francesca Liberatore wins the DHL Exported Award, a direct link to an important partnership with IMG Fashion, that opens the door to show her collections during the next seven years of New York Fashion Week. Since September 2014 to date, she officially shows in the most exclusive NY catwalk venues, Lincoln Center Salon, Moynihan Station at the Dock Skylight and Gallery 1 at Clarkson Square.

On February 2018, after several seasons at New York Fashion Week, and with new self awareness, she comes back to Milan and, in the same year, she celebrates her 10-year career  anniversary with the publication of “FRANCESCA LIBERATORE – the book” edited by Silvana Editoriale and distributed worldwide.

In September 2019, Francesca presents at Milan Fashion Week, for the first time off the official  calendar, with an extraordinary show giving life to a totally new runway concept at Bagni Misteriosi  – Teatro Franco Parenti featuring a live performance from the National Italian Olympic Artistic

Swim Team and in February 2020 another history-making show at The Space Cinema in Piazza  Duomo Milano, all thanks to the important collaborations with DHL and Arena, for which Liberatore designed the Olympic training swim suit for the 2020 Tokyo games.

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