Francesca Liberatore AW 22/23 Runway Show


AW 22/23 Runway Show

Every act of creation is, first and foremost, an act of destruction. New life requires the sacrifice of an already completed life since destruction, like creation, is one of the laws of nature. “…I grew up believing that I was a pacifist ready to shoot…” The first thing you learn is not the act, but the gesture of the act. The dress is the idea, but in wearing it, the body kills it. An unsolved riddle, that murder. One solitary satisfaction, the misery of the murderer. A question mark on trench coats, guns, clues, prints and embroidery everywhere in contrasting black and white, fluorescent on smoky gray. The lines are broken, creating asymmetries with which jackets and sweaters, dresses and robe manteau play with lacing and knotting. Or they become backdrops on belted suits and boxy jackets, of detailed crime scene floor plans with intricate jacquards in which shades of lilac predominate among rosy beige and camel. The ambiguity between the possibilities conceives the mystery, revealing the actors as the six characters involved in the drama, masks of alleged suspects described by the designer, icons of the Fashion Business. The match continues between the two-tone boots in white/black or red/black, paired with a crepe circle cape, a dark overcoat with red flocked traces of the crime, midnight blue jacquard suits, a quilted jacket and high-waisted pants.

“…What does a model take on a trip?” concealed in a body-shaped leather bag? The victim lingers at the scene observing an inescapable fate, as if from above. Her knit heart embellished in fluorescents and violet with ‘Francesca Liberatore’ evidenced in large letters…will it beat again?

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