Five Trends in Titanium Wedding Rings for Modern Men

Nontraditional metals for wedding bands are on-trend. Not long ago, men pretty much had only two options for wedding bands: gold and silver. But today’s modern man wants something more unique and exciting.

While platinum, cobalt, and tungsten are popular choices of alternative metals for wedding bands, titanium is another great option due to its sleek and masculine vibe.

The white metal has a smoky charcoal gray hue, making it much deeper and darker in color than metal like silver or white gold.

So, we know that titanium is a trendy choice for modern men. But let us explore five of the current trends for titanium wedding rings.

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1. Designs and Styles

Jewelry designers are coming up with more and more exciting styles and designs for titanium wedding rings at present.

Titanium rings paired with wood are particularly on-trend at the moment. You could go for a black titanium wedding band with chestnut wood or a brushed titanium ring with a padauk wood stripe and interior.

You might also like to consider men’s Tungsten wood wedding bands. Alpine Rings has a fabulous collection, including wooden tungsten rings like the hammered black tungsten wedding band and the polished tungsten wedding ring with pearwood and shell.

Like titanium, tungsten is a sleek and manly metal, so it is another metal worth considering for your wedding band.

2. Engravings and Etchings

It is not only designs and styles that are on-trend. More and more men want wedding bands that are more personal. So, carvings and engravings for titanium wedding bands are very much on-trend at the moment.

Whether you are after a symbolic engraving like a Nordic rune or Celtic knot or you want an etching on your ring like the date of your wedding, you can customize your wedding band to suit your personal taste and to mean something special.

3. Colors and Combinations

While titanium rings are naturally white with a grayish hue, they can also be made into a variety of iridescent colors.
Furthermore, you can find titanium rings that are combined with other materials like platinum and yellow gold.

Men’s rings made of these mixed metals are not only stunning to look at, but they are also very strong and durable. Men could also consider rings with beautifully placed diamonds. Aura Diamonds has a wide variety of men’s rings that combine gorgeous metals and diamonds.

Custom rings are also very popular for both men and women, as they can help you achieve the perfect look for your big day. Additionally, matching men’s and women’s sets are becoming increasingly popular for couples all over the world.

So, you can explore lots of different options regarding colors and materials. Combination rings featuring titanium and another metal are especially trendy right now.

4. Strength and Durability

Modern men want a wedding ring that is going to last. After all, a wedding ring is for life. So, considering the practical aspects of a wedding ring is a current trend that you should follow.

A titanium wedding ring is one of the most resistant and durable options available. Therefore, if you are worried about damaging your ring, titanium could be the best option for you.

Titanium is very strong. Rings made from titanium are difficult to scratch or bend out of shape. Furthermore, titanium is a material that is resistant to changes in heat. That is due to its minimal thermal conductivity.

5. Comfort

Another practical trend for wedding rings is their comfort.

Modern men want a wedding band that will always be comfortable to wear. After all, it will be on your finger almost all of the time, so comfort should be an important factor when considering which metal your wedding ring should be crafted from.

Pinched skin can become a thing of the past when you go with a titanium ring, especially if the ring has a beveled inner surface instead of a flat surface.

Wrapping Up

There are many wedding traditions you can skip, but having a wedding band is not one of them. Therefore, make sure you choose the right ring. A titanium wedding band could be the best choice for you.



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