Fisico Runway Show at Miami Fashion Week Resort 2018

Fisico by Cristina Ferrari

Miami Fashion Week Resort 2018

“Glamour & Sensuality”, the key words to identify a successful brand known for its attention to details, trend setter in beachwear collections, and found as well in evening wear. FISICO, the brand whose history is found in the biography of a woman deeply in love with Italian elegance  with a touch of Brazilian physicality, Cristina Ferrari.

A trip to Brasil changed the creativity of Cristina Ferrari. She was fascinated by the tailoring quality of the Made in Italy, famous everywhere in the world, and decided to add to it sensuality and Brazilian colours, creating a bathing costume collection, with a strong sense of sex appeal keeping it elegant at all times. In the early nineties, she started working on her first FISICO beachwear models.

The brand FISICO has earned the appreciation of experts working in the sector and of the general public alike because it proposes items with great personality and comfort, paying particular attention to all fashion elements. Its authenticity consists in introducing the idea of the ready to wear collection on the beach, a context which was not exploited enough, bringing it to international catwalks.

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