Fièra Concealer Review

Fièra Concealer Review

A concealer can make or break a solid makeup look. Ordering online can be difficult, as products can be deceiving. Worrying about the shade, the consistency, and whether or not a concealer will mesh with your skin type are all valid concerns of any concealer purchase. 

Fièra Concealer Review

Fièra Cosmetics has a lot to offer as a company overall, and so far, their concealer has gained many loyal clients.

About The Company

Fièra Cosmetics is a pro-age, all natural company, recommended for a litany of reasons. Firstly, Fièra is paraben-free, BHT & BHA free, fragrance-free, and cruelty free. When buying all-natural products, these factors are essential. 

Fièra also tailors their products primarily for women over 50. In a market where products often only consider the needs of twenty-somethings, Fièra is a breath of breath air. 

Additionally, Fièra is committed to giving back. For every bottle of concealer purchased, Fièra donates a meal to Second Harvest.

The Product

Many foundations and concealers do not work well with fine lines, and wrinkles. Fièra’s concealer, however, is specifically made to blend fine lines and wrinkles, without letting the product sink into them. 

In terms of shades available, Fiera offers a few:

  • Light
  • Neutral
  • Medium
  • Deep
  • Dark

When choosing your shade, Fièra recommends taking into consideration what you’ll be using it for. For example, for undereye usage, Fièra recommends going one shade lighter. 

Otherwise, choosing a shade closest to your foundation is often ideal. 

If you don’t like the shade you’ve chosen, Fièra offers a 30 day window for you to exchange the product, or receive a refund.

Additionally, Fièra’s concealer is non comedogenic, meaning it is made specifically to not block pores. With this added benefit, breakouts, and trapped dirt, are automatically less likely. 

Concealer is typically meant to hide imperfections, but Fièra’s concealer also helps conceal liver spots — something many aging women have to face, but most makeup brands don’t even consider.

What Everyone’s Saying

With 1800 plus reviews, Fièra’s Anti-Aging Concealer has collected an impressive average of 4.7 stars! Many women are praising the product for its coverage, its consistency, and its ability to work on all skin types.

Do you have dry skin, or sensitive eyes? Not to worry — Fièra’s concealer has also been celebrated for how gentle it is on reactive skin, and how well it prevents a dry, flakey, or “cakey” makeup look.

Most women want their makeup to look natural. Fièra’s concealer is here to enhance your natural beauty, and help you feel confident in your own skin. Aging is beautiful, and so are you. Let your concealer work alongside your beauty and enhance it. 

The Deal

Not only does Fièra offer discounts across the board, they also have some great deals for this specific product. When purchasing the Anti-Aging Concealer, save 33% when you buy 2 tubes and get 1 free! (They even throw in a free brush!)

If you don’t like what you get, or the shade doesn’t match exactly, Fièra also offers a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. 

For additional customer support, reach out via email, or follow Fièra Cosmetics on Instagram, and Facebook. Fièra products are all USA made, with free worldwide shipping available to all!

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