Discover Fenix Interior’s innovative materials and Fenix Scenario

Discover Fenix Interior’s innovative materials and Fenix Scenario, the creative hub in the heart of Milan

In the heart of Milano, in the Brera district, there’s a new multilayered reality that moves from new technology and embraces a new concept of spaces. If you never heard about Fenix, this is your opportunity to discover an absolutely new surface material, and a complete new concept for creative hubs. Let’s jump into the prismatic world of Fenix, and let’s start with Fenix for Interiors.


FENIX® was introduced in 2013 with FENIX NTM by Arpa Industriale. It’s a stable new material suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Fenix is a living example of how collaborative work pays: developed by an international multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers, this material entails the use of nanotechnology together with the use of next generation hardened acrylic resins, fixed through Electronic Beam Curing process.

It involves a series of steps, including a multilayered coating and generates a result that has a unique non-porous external layer. Fenix surfaces stay neat with simple, everyday care and cleaning methods and are also suitable for contact with food. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents.

This material is defined by its strong characteristics. Videos are added as in this peculiar subject, the visual experience is worth more than a thousand words:

  • low light reflectivity
  • extremely opaque surface

  • soft touch
  • anti-fingerprint
  • thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches

Low light reflection is a valuable characteristic that makes the material particularly suitable for office interior design as it grants visual comfort. It diminishes the stress and helps keeping concentrated and relaxed. Soft touch is pleasant and strengthen the feeling of harmony with the environment.

Thermal healing is a very good asset in the kitchen, where scratches are very common. It’s a very easy material to clean and very resistant to stains, which is for sure an added value.

FENIX is ideal for everything from tables, bookcases to chairs, and is functional in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in living areas, as a work surface material, for covering units, doors and walls, or even for backsplashes.

Outside your home it finds perfect use in offices, on transportation, in public places, and in the hospitality and healthcare fields.

It is a high performance material, and a suitable alternative to solid surfaces, lacquered and metal or glass. Moreover, the brand is constantly developing and expanding the offer.

In 2017, Arpa Industriale added a new material to the FENIX family: FENIX NTA, an empowered metal surface with FENIX features.

FENIX NTA has won both the German Interzum “High Product Quality” award and the Red Dot Award Product Design in 2019.

For this new metal surface, three elegant colors were added:

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 21


Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 23


Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 25

In 2019, focusing on even more environmental friendly materials, the Bloom lignin technology become part of the FENIX family.  It was introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50%.

Fenix NTM BLOOM is more innovative, choosing more natural raw materials. Bloom means a new core technology, for which four new colors have been specifically developed, that, among other tings, you can discover in the video below.

Starting from the idea that to support sustainability, the first step is to act, Arpa Industriale committed to find new ways to enhance their products.

Lignin is a natural polymer defined as the glue that holds wood fibres together, and with this innovation, most of the key ingredients originate from the same place: responsibly managed forests.

FENIX is distributed in over 70 countries and has obtained numerous awards and recognitions.

Notably in Milano, Italy’s most famous chef Carlo Cracco has chosen this product for the interiors of “Carlo e Camilla in Duomo” making FENIX one of the materials giving life to the exclusive and sophisticated Cracco’s restaurant in the city.


In occasion of Milano Design City 2020, FENIX Scenario opened officially in Foro Buonaparte 1, in the very heart of the city:

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 27 Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 29

These in the pictures above are the exteriors of FENIX Scenario, in a beautiful historical building, a few steps from the side entrance to Milano’s castle that heads to the artistic district of the city (the opposite side heads to Cadorna North Station).

In this environment, one of the things that you can do, is interact with the materials.

There’s a beautiful library at the right of the entrance, that is an inspiring corner where you can touch and feel all proposals, It’a the heart of the space as here you can immerse yourself in the materials that are also made available to professionals to compose instant mood boards on the spot.

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 31

Almost everything inside the hub is created with FENIX surfaces, and just at first glance in the pictures, you can feel how soft and relaxing it is, even when colours are intentionally dark. The matt effect is very pleasing to the eyes.

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 33

Together with FENIX, other  protagonists are the materials for interiors of the other brands of the group:

  • Arpa:  innovation and sustainability meeting made-in-Italy design
  • Formica®:  the brand that invented the high-press laminate, today manufactured in Australia
  • GetaLit®: the German quality of laminates
  • Getacore: unique acrylic-bound solid surface
  • Homapal®: the next level of metal surfaces

The words that best describe FENIX Scenario are: interactive, multifaceted, suggestive, inclusive, a sort of theatre for professionals, but not only. It was deliberately designed with a heterogeneous and inclusive nature. Movable panels add to infinite uses. There is more than one reason why Brera district was chosen: this area is meant to sparkle intuition and active thinking: a creative hub in the creatives’ district.

To welcome guests, there’s “Cirrus”, Zaha Hadid’s sculpture made in 2008 with Formica’s black laminate

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 35
Cirrus By Zaha Hadid, in Formica black laminate embraces the environment on the left side of the picture

This work is born from the interaction of form, material and method, and explores new uses of these materials aside the traditional ones, hence being the perfect summary of everything FENIX Scenario was thought to mean.

Here you can find ceiling structures to build flexible wings, full-height rotating panels that can be used for mapping projectors, and meeting spaces. For sure an area that can give shape to multiple performances.

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 37
Panels rotate and have a clean side and a front side with the story of the brand and materials

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 39

While FENIX Scenario is perfectly suited for architects, interior designers and creative professionals, all visitors are welcome and are given any opportunity to experience the materials and the space itself. This is no place for passive spectators, but everyone that is even just curious, is welcome, as this is meant to create meaningful experiences for everyone.


Musa, which is also the acronym for Marketing and Unexpected Solutions for Avant-garde, plays the leading role in FENIX Scenario, namely that of an ideal director and vital nourishment of an experiential place.

Musa is the creative hub – strongly promoted by the holding company that owns the brand. With the MUSA team, marketing, communication, and design interconnect to act as a source of inspiration and to support and give birth to ideas.

It will be a laboratory, a training ground for experimenting with new approaches and uses of the materials beyond conventional applications. It heads to promote substantial projects and activities, believing that all the group’s brands will benefit from them.

The final goal is to create value combining skills, creativity, and a multicultural spirit.

Musa and FENIX Scenario, are highly supported projects by Stefano Mion, CEO of Arpa Industriale, co-ordinated by Filippo Manetti, marketing director, and Sandro Marini, communications director.

Musa and Scenario are the tangible expressions of how design aims at being a more and more integrated system, where innovation, skills and passion converge. These values are deeply meaningful to the FENIX brand and to the group’s companies, reinforced by the birth of Musa.


New York Style Guide was graciously invited to experience the FENIX Scenario reality, and of all the partners that complete the furnitures and effects inside the rooms, we mention:

But we take licence to highlight one in particular that impressed us for its incredible true to life effect: the CoeLux® optical system.

Seen and experienced in the basement where more spaces and meeting rooms are hosted, this optical system based on nanotechnology reproduces natural light and the visual appearance of the sky:

Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 41 Discover Fenix Interior's innovative materials and Fenix Scenario 43

CoeLux® Srl is a hightech Company established in 2009, headquartered in ComoNExT Technology Park nearby the Como Lake. As you can see in the pictures above, and we can promise, in real life the effect is breathtaking, the roof windows give the impression to show the sky above Milano: indeed, we are just under the ground floor and there is just a building above us.

CoeLux® lighting systems reproduce natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, the sun is perceived as realistic at infinite distance, in a frame of clear deep blue sky.

Objects inside there rooms shine in this exceptional light and they even cast realistic sharp sky-blue shadows. It is incredibly true to life and delivers a feel-good sensation.

Find more of the applications by clicking on this link: CoeLux® Applications, pictures and awards

Visiting FENIX Scenario is a recommended experience in Milan not just for architects, creatives and interior designers.

The spaces on the ground floor, to sparkle inspiration, are perfectly suited even for special events, catwalks, fairs: everyone from Fashion Brands to Startups who need a place to be remembered, should have Fenix Scenario on their notebook.

If you are interested in a multifunctional location in one of the most interesting cities in Europe and in one of its most iconic districts, you must know FENIX Scenario, and if you are interested in high-performances for the surfaces in your home or offices, it’s warmly suggested to learn more about this innovative material and the brand’s partners, by visiting directly their website  FENIX INTERIOR

Pictures and videos are curtesy of FENIX INTERIOR, ARPA Industriale and Strategic Footprints Press.

New York Style Guide wants to send its heartfelt thank you to Communication Director Sandro Marini for welcoming us with friendliness and for giving us the best presentation we could ask for of both the outstanding location and this inspiring new material.

We are way beyond honoured for the opportunity.

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