Fashion Tips To Stay Stylish This Winter

Fashion Tips To Stay Stylish This Winter

Cold weather puts a damper on your ability to express your style if you don’t know how to adapt to it. Your body needs to stay warm, but your heart wants you to express yourself. It’s important to find a solid middle ground during the bitter winter, whether you’re sashaying through downtown or exercising in the park. Our best fashion tips to stay stylish this winter will help you dish out the best cold-weather looks—even if you need to keep the mask in your wardrobe.

Fashion Tips To Stay Stylish This Winter

Keep It Mysterious

Those of us who love dressing in dark colors thrive during the winter months because we can add the element of mystery into our daily outfits once more. When dressing in the winter, keeping a mysterious air about you will capture the gazes of others. When you arrive at your destination, no one will know what outfit lies beneath the elegant winter shell—leaving it a total surprise. Remember that mystery is all about attitude. In a way, you want to seem cold and aloof at a distance, but your personality underneath will shine up close.

Stay Warm Above All Else

New York winters can be some of the most beautiful or dreariest in the country depending on the day. While your style is important, staying warm is crucial. There are plenty of clothing options and ways to stay warm while looking stylish, but you may need to go out of your way to find the best-looking functional winter clothing. If you are on a budget, start layering outfits to keep yourself cozy on your winter expeditions. Layering clothing doesn’t have to make you look like a jawbreaker—do it properly and you’ll look cute and elegant all in one!

Protect Your Feet

In the winter, one of the most impactful parts of your entire outfit will be your footwear—sometimes because it is one of the only things people can see besides your coat. Make sure you pick the best shoes or boots based on the weather. Save your leather boots for dry days, as water or salt can quickly damage them. Get some weatherproof boots for any outdoor adventure, rain or shine.

Whether it’s mild or impossibly freezing, knowing these fashion tips to stay stylish this winter will prepare you for whatever the next few months throw at you!

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