Fashion Killas: Hip Hop Artists With the Best Style

Hip Hop Artists With the Best Style

From its early days, hip hop has made its mark on the fashion world. In the 80s, Run DMC put sneaker culture on the map. In the 90s, Tupac brought Carhartt denim into the spotlight. Today, artists are still creating looks that people love to emulate. These are the hip hop artists with the best style today.

Cardi B

Cardi B has a way of hitting all sides of the style spectrum and doing it well. Her looks have ranged from costume-like couture, such as the beaded gown and matching headdress she wore at the 2018 Met Gala, to elegant and eye-catching, like her black dress from her appearance at Tom Ford’s show in 2019. It’s no wonder that she’s had not one but two high-selling Fashion Nova lines.


Fabolous is no new arrival to the hip-hop world—he’s been dropping beats since the mid-90s. But his career and his fashion sense are still alive and strong today. Fabolous, like Cardi B, can hit it bold or subtle with bomber jackets or sleek suits and always has the perfect pair of sneakers. He and Cardi B both do the Big Apple proud.


Rihanna is another artist who can make a splash with bold, often controversial outfits or more downplayed elegant looks. Whether she’s rocking a stunning gown at a beauty launch for her personal brand, Fenty, or showing us how to wear a tracksuit while strutting the streets, you are guaranteed that she is rocking a look designed to turn heads.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams was making music long before his 2013 song “Happy” put him on the map, and his sense of style has varied throughout his career. Toward the beginning, Williams was the height of hip hop fashion with statement jewelry, bold patterns, and snapbacks. (It’s hard to imagine him without a hat, even back then.) This is the style he brought to his line, Billionaire Boys Club. In recent years, he’s dipped into a country-club aesthetic, rocking outfits from Chanel just as well as he does other styles.

As music keeps evolving, we can expect fashion to keep evolving with it. But whatever beats and looks are waiting around the next corner, we can expect these hip hop artists’ incredible styles to take their place in the genre’s history.

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