Essential Coats You Should Wear This Winter

Essential Coats You Should Wear This Winter

When the weather turns cold, it is time for your winter coats to emerge from the background. Though you may have one favorite coat, it is best to have several style and material options available depending on the weather and occasion. Here are the essential coats you should wear this winter.

Essential Coats You Should Wear This Winter

Winter Overcoat

The winter overcoat is a staple of both professional and out-on-the-town style. From peacoats to trench coats, the overcoat style typically extends from the torso down to the mid-thigh or knees. The extra-long design will add a trendy appearance to any outfit while also maximizing your warmth. When you select an overcoat, look for colors and fabric types that will match your outfits. You do not want to mix the wrong colors for a work outfit!

Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is perfect for both outdoor adventures and indoor hangouts. The breathability of the fleece material will trap heat while also allowing for airflow. This versatility sets it apart from other outerwear. For extended time outdoors, fleeces are best as a middle layer between your base layer and outermost coat. When choosing a fleece jacket, find the best style to suit your layering choices.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a hallmark of style and sleekness. These coats are also surprisingly warm and wind-resistant. Though the quality of the leather will change how you experience the coat, your leather jacket is a great addition for any outing or event. You will likely want to wear it as an external layer since it is quite stylish, but remember to add an overcoat or thicker item when trekking in freezing temperatures.

Padded Vest

A padded vest may not be a full-fledged coat, but it is an essential piece of outerwear you need this winter. The vest works to protect your core while giving your extremities the freedom to move. Vests are great for layering and adding a bit of flair to an otherwise normal outfit. Padded or quilted vests will provide the most warmth, so find one that works for you.

Stay fashionable and on-trend with the essential coats you should wear this winter. Each of these types will keep you warm while enhancing your outfit and appearance.

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