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Elie Bleu is a well-known brand that manufactures products for the most luxury residences all over the world. This luxury producer of watch winders, humidors, jewelry boxes, and other wood accessories specializes in artistic wooden products.

Elie Bleu’s artisans have been successful in creating this and other accessories since 1976. However, Elie Bleu’s luxurious collection would be incomplete without cigars and related accessories. In addition, the brand manufactures humidors as a whole package that includes a cigar cutter, humidifier, humidifier set up, and maintenance guidelines.

Elie Bleu's Luxury and Quality Products

A vast assortment of cigar ashtray complements its collections of cigar boxes and unique masterpieces. Limoges porcelain, marquetry, and obsidian have all been used by the brand in making ashtrays over the years. In the legendary Parisian factory, the craftsmen worked on actual Limoges porcelain to create these products and so much more. The porcelain Elie Bleu ashtrays are handcrafted in Limoges by one of the city’s most renowned and oldest factories.

Elie Bleu’s Luxury and Quality Products

Being a well-known French brand, the brand is the gold standard in luxury marquetry. The brand’s creations are art, consisting of unique and limited-edition items. Making substandard items for your clients does not lead to being the world’s top designer and manufacturer of the greatest things.

For example, the brands’ ashtrays are a great illustration of some of the things they provide that are easy to integrate into your house. Additionally, such products are a classy and elegant way to up the ante on your home’s interior decor while retaining a minimalist aesthetic. Aside from having sophisticated and elegant products, a vast range of materials is used in their creation.



For the brand, the selection and treatment of materials utilized in manufacturing the products are crucial. For example, the wood must be left outdoors for many years before it can be utilized, and it must be homogeneous and have a fine texture. The way the essence of precious wood veneer is applied also affects the object’s appeal. The ashtray line is one of the brand’s bestselling products because of the high quality of the porcelain and the brightly colored designs of the collections.

Additionally, most veneers contain inherent flaws in the wood, knots, dark patches, or holes. The brand is dedicated to avoiding them and only uses the finest grained veneers to manufacture its products. Several very fine coatings of varnish are applied to each product. This coating adds to the product’s wow effect and longevity.

Quality assurance is critical in ensuring that your customers’ needs are met and they can use your products for a long time. The recognizable brilliance and transparency of the brand’s products are achieved by hand sanding and polishing eight times in succession. The lining of the ashtrays and other accessories is mostly done by hand. Hand finishes help to minimize room for errors by machines, hence improving the quality of the products.

Each of the cigar accessories is lovingly handcrafted to the highest quality standards. The brand’s products are premium products, thanks to the attention to detail, precious materials, and elevated functionality. Indeed, Elie Bleu creates unique items for the world’s most prestigious jewelers, couture houses, and luxury brands.

The word “luxury” is usually associated with “expensive.” However, this is not always true. Most successful, well-known brands strive to maintain the elegance of their products while making them affordable for their customers. Additionally, everybody would likely find something to their liking with all the brand’s offerings. This brand can easily provide you with the most valuable possessions on your wish list. Elie Bleu is the place to go if you’re looking for perfection.

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