Eleventy’s Spring/Summer Women’s Collection: A Journey to Africa on Sophisticated Lightness

Eleventy’s spring/summer women’s collection: a journey to Africa on sophisticated lightness

Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 Women’s Collection

Eleventy has presented its eight pieces collection premiering the Open Corona during Milan’s fashion week. Open Corona is the first restaurant in Milano owned by the Michelin’s starred chef from Rome Antonio Corona, and it opened its door on October the 7th for the whole city.

Few weeks before that, Eleventy invited us during Milan’s fashion week to premiere their plates, a tasty excuse to give us a closer look to the spirit of Eleventy spring summer 2020 women’s collection. Although, it was exciting to be the first to see their brand new kitchen open to fervently cook specialties for us.



For once changing scenario, in the Cordusio district, so in the financial district of the city, inside the court of a building at the corner between via Broletto and via Bassano Porrone, we had the opportunity to approach 8 pieces that had these elements in common: they were sophisticated, they were light and they had a delightful balance between modernity and ethnic tradition.


According to the intentions of creative director Paolo Zuntini, the collection is rich in natural and soft fabrics. Italy is home to the most talented silk masters, and soft and breezy silk lifts the sense of lightness that is the returning theme of this collection. Very light and velvety satin silks and linen are used for the sliding dresses.



All outfits, as in the manifesto of the brand, are the result of a great attention to environmental sustainability and nature. So the choice is strictly on natural fabrics only: cotton for the shirts in neutral shades of white and beige, satin and silk for the blouses. Notice the refined and high-ended yarn on shirts creating an effect of three-dimensional weaves and the bold combination of jackets and shorts on neutral shades that ends up being casual but stylish and definitely versatile.



Suits dominate the collection, revised and well-blended in contrast. It’s combined with wide-legs pants or straight and rolled up for a younger feeling. Fabrics move from velvet to cotton but it is always light and soft.




Velvet returns on duster coats in darker shades


but the real queen of the collection is the jacket: single- or double-breasted with brushed gold metal buttons, in natural tones or in more vibrant tones, multi-pockets (because at times they hear us too, and we are never tired to say how much we need pockets, a lot of pockets) feminine and gritty at the same time, Eleventy’s jackets are above all practical and comfortable.




We all know that the devil is in the details, and Italians are those that give a headache to the devil in mastering details. Notice the wealth of accessories: sandals, sabots, necklaces, scarves, bangles. The witty combination of solid colors, ethnic patterns, coconut beads, animalier is there to reinforce the sense of sophistication that can’t abandon the Eleventy woman.

Classy women in the Eleventy style is not like any other woman.

In all of its elements, the dominance of lightness, the earthly tones and the multiplicity of characters, the collection is a celebration of Africa. But a modern and refined Africa.

The loose fit floats on the silhouette like a soft breeze, all pieces are fresh and flowing enhancing the sense of a natural and exotic allure. But the result is also a homage to a very sophisticated woman. These are dress that can boldly be worn on a hot summer day in the fanciest of the cities. They have personality, and they are casual but chic. Not casual-chic: they are really casual, but also very chic, as if it were two souls revealing accordingly to the combination of apparels, more than a combination of styles.

Eleventy both men’s and women’s collections live under a very defined philosophy: timeless elegance. The spring summer women’s collection waiting for us in 2020 dresses self-confident women that put style and simplicity as the marks of her elegance. And is all about lightness.

While waiting for the spring summer collection to enrich the scenario of the Made In Italy we all want, you can see more of eleventy’s men’s and women’s fashion on their website


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