Eleventy Knows What Women Want

ELEVENTY Spring Summer 2022 Women's Collection

Eleventy Knows What Women Want

New York Style Guide visited Eleventy’s showroom during Milano Fashion Week to discover the new spring summer collection for 2022, and there is a lot of exciting news. We save the best for last, so wait or jump to the last paragraph to discover what women do really want.

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The New Eleventy Spring Summer Collection 2022

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Eleventy got us used to the idea that it was designed for the cosmopolitan and sophisticated woman, but that was true until the pandemic forced us to rethink and rewrite everything, especially the way we look at our wardrobe. Already with the former collection, Eleventy focused on more and more practicality.

With the spring summer 2022, practical mixes with versatility and fluid.

The new Eleventy woman is all women, and the chosen way to address to all women, answers to few capital musts: relaxed, elegant, and modern.

How do you combine relaxed and elegant?

You need to combine tailored design and classical elements with new technicalities. As a whole, you have to think about how apparels interact with each other. And you must make them comfortable and versatile.

One good example: zips.

  • zip;

Adaptability becomes a must, and even the most traditional cuts, have zips for a better fit.


1_Eleventy Donna SS22

Detail of a zip on a side of a bomber
At the showroom, the team from Eleventy shows us the detail of a zip on the side of a bomber that wears a Ratti pattern from the historical archive

Another way to combine relaxed and elegant is to steal from athletic fashion and mix it with classical allures:

  • athletic tailoring

Athleisure is become a term to add to your list of styles. And it is chosen by the brand to describe the elegant and modern versatility of their new collection.

ELEVENTY Spring Summer 2022 Women's Collection

ELEVENTY Spring Summer 2022 Women's Collection
In every middle season, layering is a favorite way to be, in Europe. With the twist on the hats, that become caps

Comfort works hand in hand beautifully with softness, and this collection leaves all the stretch behind. Women are free to move and float in all genuine and natural fabrics. Athletic, sporty, but still very elegant, cosmopolitan, but ready to mix in every context.

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Knitwear develops too, and relaxed is still the keyword. It goes from precious wool-silk yarn to the cropped cotton crepe. The new collection includes rustic braids and small fretwork stitches, these second ones especially on lightweight sweaters, all for summer looks.

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Detail of a sweater as seen at Eleventy’s showroom
  • fringes

For spring and summer 2022, to add to the mixture of spirits, fringes are used as a detail that enhances patterns and structures.

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Above and below: details of models with fringes as seen at the showroom during Milano Fashion Week

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Eleventy’s spring summer color palette

The inspiration this time comes from the different shades of the cities and nature, from natural tones,  but above all, while formerly we have seen inspirations from the Highlands and the British tones, this time for summer 22 we deep dive into the colors of Italy and the made in Italy: Tuscan terracotta, Sicilian maiolica, and then again Italian flowers, skies and moods.

Look at some sneak peek from the lookbook as we saw it at the showroom:

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Gender contamination

Eleventy rules in the men’s world. It is born a line for men, but it is shaping strong and consistent in the women’s world too. Because of its DNA, it is one of the brands that best mixes traditional masculine fabrics with feminine looks. Pictures say more than a thousand words, but to sum up: Eleventy shows to know how to mix men’s fashion on women, making it lightweight and steals tones of grey and beiges that are typical of a man’s wardrobe to develop women’s outwear.

The bet that Eleventy wins is on how to soften bombers, tailored suits, give a contemporary attitude to fine lurex textures and natural fabrics like cashmere, or even fleece.

Natural fabrics that float between men and women’s fashion and that dominate on spring summer 2022 are:

  • silk
  • cotton
  • linen

What do women really want?

We can all agree that soft, natural, comfortable, versatile, are words that women would gladly use to describe their spring/summer wardrobe. But there is one thing that women can’t live without, and designers tend way too easy to forget, one simple thing that Eleventy has detected, and keeps the promise never to forget, even for 2022:


Women want pockets, need pockets, and for summer 2022, it does not matter what we are looking at, every single apparel, literally every single apparel comes with pockets.

Light, versatile, soft, flattering, essential – and with pockets. This is exactly the way women want a new line to become consistent and sensitive to their needs.

Way to go, Eleventy. Good job.

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