Elevenparis Autumn Winter 2019 Childrenswear

Elevenparis Autumn Winter 2019 Childrenswear

Elevenparis Autumn Winter 2019 Childrenswear

About Elevenparis:

In 2003, two visionary friends came together to create a Parisian prêt-à-porter brand. Throughout its phenomenal creativity and ultra-contemporary style, Eleven Paris has rapidly seduced demanding customers in the U.S and all over the world.

All collections are founded and put together on carefully designed contrasts and unique vibes such as: minimalist spirit, sporty allure, seasonal inspiration work and music references. Music is a big part of our inspiration and we target genres such as: Indie, Rap, Hip-hop, Rock ‘n’ Roll. All products are combining strong garments using top of the line fabrics and silk-screened T-Shirts

Our head of design once said “it’s about feeling good in the city that you live in, and the clothes that you’re dressed in.” We constantly travel all four corners of the globe on a quest for artistic discoveries and new inspirations. This allows the brand to capture the Zeitgeist to create designs for Eleven Paris and capture the Urban Silhouette.

We continuously strive to come up with new trendy designs to give our consumers a fresh new product as often as possible. Follow us on Instagram to capture our journey and keep up with the brand!

Website: https://us.elevenparis.com

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