Docksteps goes green and launches an ethical call of action

The footwear brand of the Zeis Excelsa group strengthens its sustainable commitment by issuing a gift voucher to each customer who will bring used shoes to the stores, in order to be recycled. The initiative, in partnership with the Eso Sport, company that values waste from a circular economy perspective, will lead to the creation of flooring for playgrounds and athletics tracks.

Docksteps goes green and launches an ethical call of action

Docksteps launches an important green plan. The shoewear brand of Zeis Excelsa, specialized in the production and distribution of footwear, launches a sustainable and ethical call to action dedicated to the final consumer. Starting from November 2020, four selected Docksteps single-brand stores will issue a gift voucher worth 15 euros for the purchase of new products to each customer who brings their old shoes to the store to be recycled. Used shoes will be reused and transformed into floorings, then donated to public administrations.

Docksteps goes green and launches an ethical call of action


The initiative is carried out in collaboration with Eso Sport, a benefit company aimed at protecting the environment through recycling actions. Eso Sport will take care of the positioning of the boxes, strictly made of recycled cardboard, in the Docksteps stores. Additionally they will be in charge of scrapping the old shoes, following the perspectives of the  circular economy, for a positive impact on the environment.

Docksteps goes green and launches an ethical call of action


A project to minimize the accumulation of waste in landfills and to increase the belief in Docksteps consumers that it is possible not only to recycle, but also to obtain secondary raw materials from the recycling cycle, which can be used for new ethical initiatives in the area. After the two pilot stores in Lecce and Mantua, in Italy, the project plans to progressively extend to the entire network of Docksteps stores, in line with the brand’s increasingly eco-friendly path.

“In the philosophy of Docksteps there is an ever greater 360 degrees attention towards the environment and this call to action is a concrete example. In this way we not only encouraging the recycling of old footwear by rewarding the green practices of our customers with a gift voucher, but we value ethical circular economy initiatives for the whole community ”

explains Massimiliano Rossi, general manager of Docksteps.

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