Discover Sant’Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition

Events are happening all the time in Venice, Italy: let’s discover Sant’Eufemia Gallery and their latest exhibition: Emerald.

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
The manifesto of the event at Sant’Eufemia

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Why Sant’Eufemia Gallery?

Venice is becoming a fervent beating heart of Northern Italy in a whole new and unexpected way. With a lot of initiative on many different fields, and recently chosen by fashion brands, latest D&G, as scenario for new styles, it is promising to re-transform into a new hub for creativity and sustainability. Like the legend of the Phoenix, to whom the city is very fond, Venice keeps on rebirthing from every hard time as a stronger, vibrant and liveliest city.

Venice is a cultural place, with a lot of events. As we are writing this article, the film festival is ongoing, and truth to be told not a day goes by without something happening in the city.

Now, famous locations have a lot of resonance, so we at New York Style Guide would like to show you less given places to visit when you are in the city. Sant’Eufemia Gallery is worth to be placed on your map on your next visit in Venice for many reasons:

  • they host amazing exhibitions
  • it is chosen by locals, so you can grab a real Venetian experience
  • it allows you to visit the island of Giudecca, the artistic headquarter of Venice

It is very easy to visit the gallery using the local motorboats: the gallery in right in front of the Palanca stop in Giudecca island and district, you can’t absolutely miss it, and if you ever visited Venice on your own, you will know it is a good perk, to be easy to reach in the town, as tourists tend to get lost in the small calli.

If you by chance are already in Venice, let’s give a look at what is happening right now.

The Emerald Exhibition

Portrait of Curator Ayune Namur
Portrait of Curator Ayune Namur

The exhibition is promoted by the Cultural Association Art Design Venice, Gallery S. Eufemia and it is curated by Ayune Namur  as a tribute to the color green and its variations, as well as a tribute to what is most precious to us in life: after all, the emerald is one of the most precious stones in the world.

Among paintings, photographs and sculptures, artists from Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Japan, Russia, Pakistan and Italy translate into art and tell the audience about feelings of transformation, the sense of something that is important and precious, but that cannot be perceived or expressed or even understood in an objective, logical-rational way.

The set of artworks focuses on beauty and preciousness, both through abstract paintings and photography.

  • The abstract paintings are freed from a precise representation of a visual reality: they seek to value the artistic expression through colours, intensity, movement, and texture.
  • The photographs, through the use of macro lenses, show us a deep and sensitive perspective on nature, composing harmonic images in which we see in small details the presence of movement, color, brightness and transparency, specifically on the shifting and fleeting surface of water.

Water and the ocean are main themes in several of the artworks, including sculptures that are provocative and draw our attention to the importance of preserving the environment.

Some works in large formats aim to make an impact and absorb the viewer in their immensity. Photos printed in smaller sizes, on the other hand, bear their strength in their beauty and in the construction of a new look.

Each artist expresses his truth through his work and through what is precious within him. The artist also seeks to touch what is precious and important within us. After all, as Picasso said:

“If there was only one truth, one could not paint a hundred canvases on the same theme.”

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association
Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association
Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association
Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association
Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association

The artists

Selected artists are:

For you who can’t attend the event, NYSG has selected some of the works with the presentation given by the artists.

Basia Kilian

Basia-Kilian, artist

Basia Kilian is an Australian artist who has exhibited her paintings in New Zealand.

The inspiration for her work is her passion for visual arts, which she studied at the Secondary School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Visual Arts in Poznań, Poland, with a specialization in Interior Design (Batchelor of Visual Arts – diploma) and taking part in several exhibitions at that time. Basia likes to create abstract art, describing it as “fun, surprising and demanding”.

Her contemporary abstract works are created using various media on stretched panels of canvas.

Her paintings are in private collections in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.

….”My passion for art, drawing and painting began in my early childhood. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by visual art …
My amazing journey to seriously create and become a professional painter began with moving to New Zealand in Auckland. I started creating a lot of paintings, finding many collectors all over the country as well as international art buyers. I like to create abstract art because it is fun, surprising and challenging. I specialize in modern, colorful, expressive abstraction on canvas, which can be a very good example of the Expressive Abstact style. I use a variety of media including acrylic paint, spray paint, enamel, water and structured paste. Now I am recognized as the professional  Australian painter from Western Australia’.

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Defined Moment Basia Kilian
Defined moment with emerald by Basia Kilian | Acrylic paint ;  180cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 4cm (D)

Fantastic large scale artwork on two panels – stretched canvases, kept in deep , bright vivid colors ,the graphics are  amazingly  rich in texture and kinetic composition , expressive in style of Abstraction.
The Continuation of the “Moment” definition – Defined Moment series. *

*Definition of Moment: “particular point in time when something happens. Moments are usually defined with respect to fixed reference point ; they deal with physical quantities located at some distance relative to that reference point”

Summer little dream by Basia Kilian
Summer little dream by Basia Kilian | acrylic paint, 120cm (W) x100cm(H) x 2cm (D)

A very magical and spontaneous work made on recycled linen canvas stretche on wooden frame. . Beautiful and impressive textures and color tones.

Graphics bring uplifting and illuminating emotions of the viewer to observe the circle of nature, the floating energy and the vibrant atmosphere of our surroundings. It continued Basia’s “Australiana” series

Angelika  Michalik

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition

Angelika Michalik‘s work is represented in the German Bundestag, German Red Cross Headquarters, Berlin, Bavarian Administrative Court – Munich, Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport, Government of Upper Bavaria, various tax offices and many private collectors.

She studied art with Prof. Markus Lüpertz and Prof. Siegfried Anzinger.

Here is a list of public purchases of her works:

  • German Bundestag, Berlin
  • Presidium of the German Red Cross, Berlin Zehlendorf
  • Bavarian Administrative Court, Munich
  • Bavarian Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport, Munich
  • Government of Upper Bavaria, Maximilianstrasse 39, 80538 Munich
  • City of Geisenfeld

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Emerald II
Emerald II
Emerald I
Emerald I

Pictures represent the two works Emerald I and Emerald II, both oil, acryl, coal, gouache, amd ink on canvas 160 x 120 cm [62 x 47 inches]

Magdalena Maestri


Magdalena Maestri is an emerging contemporary artist based in Luxembourg. She was born in Poland but also lived in Portugal, Belgium, UK, Italy, and Hong Kong; the experience of all different cultures and landscapes can be found in her work.

Her creations reflect the fascination by nature’s sublime beauty, music, photography, and in particular day-to-day emotions of life. In her view, art is a form of meditation, a creative process inspired by intuition as well as self-expression and perhaps even an encounter with an inner vulnerable self. She believes art has no boundaries, she loves exploring and challenging herself.

Experimenting is of the utmost importance to her as she continues to grow through learning new techniques while always venturing into new styles. She excels at acrylic abstract art using different colors, textures and media.

Emerald Exhibition Pieces




Zephrard is a French painter, sculptor and photographer born in the Bressuirais bocage, in the Deux-Sèvres, in 1991. Zephrard is a self-taught man. In 2014, registered without his knowledge at his first exhibition, he won the audience prize and then fully embarked on art. The following year, he will multiply exhibitions and sales and will no longer stop. After remarkable beginnings in sculpture and photography, Zephrard dreams of painting.

Full of ambition and projects, he quickly proved to be an artist with multiple talents who distinguished himself with a style of his own. Zephrard finds his inspiration in nature, his surroundings and in his dreams. He appreciates the natural distortions, the rural atmosphere, as well as the festive colors.

Zephrard’s work is unusual and original: he does not seek beauty but intrigue. We find all his facets: his love for mixed materials, colors and shapes. All his creations are amazing by their emotion and brutality.

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Zephrard, Mineral Fusion
Zephrard, Mineral Fusion

The Fusion of millennia from matter to transparency.

The technique used is abstract photography on dibond support.

Zephrard, The Elements
Zephrard, The Elements

The elements of nature harmonize over time to give way to the virtuoso emerald.

The technique used is abstract photography on dibond support.

Kenjiro Asaki


Kenjiro Asaki is a Progressive Art Photographer born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

He taught himself photography techniques and became a test photographer for Panasonic compact cameras in 2008. He has been working as a freelancer since the following year.

Taking advantage of his experience of skin diving and mountain climbing, he captures moments that appeal to the heart regardless of the season or place, from the beautiful blue scenery where the sunlight shines into the water to the scenery of the frigid snowy mountains.

He also pursues unique expressions such as fireworks, which is a traditional Japanese culture, and trick art using underwater visual effects.

Since 2019, he has been an exclusive photographer for “Amana Images”, shooting beautiful landscapes and moments in Japan and around the world.

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Kenjiro Asaki, Emerald that dyes the abyss of the heart
Kenjiro Asaki, Emerald that dyes the abyss of the heart

It is a work in which the dead leaves floating on the surface of the sea are intentionally turned upside down. It expresses the gentle and calm emotions deep inside the heart filled with emerald green water.

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Kenjiro Asaki, Bloom on the seabed

It is a work that appeals to the current situation hidden in the beauty of coral reefs where the bleaching phenomenon is progressing.

Kenjiro Asaki, Depth of time
Kenjiro Asaki, Depth of time

A beautiful emerald green waterscape where a group of sweetfish swim in the Choshi River, which is said to be the most transparent river in Japan.

Kenjiro Asaki, Gravity distorted
Kenjiro Asaki, Gravity distorted fairy pools

A pond in Scotland where fairies are said to live.

By turning the work upside down, it expresses the mysterious atmosphere of this space, such as the state of rocks sticking against gravity and the appearance of something playing on the surface of the water.


Sehr Yaqoob

Sehr Yaqoob

 Sehr Yaqoob, is a Pakistani artist based in Boston MA.

She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Class of 2017 with a B.ARCH and BFA.

The reason she went to RISD was that she wanted to be a painter and years later, it was painting again that seemed to ground her and bring her solace. 

When the pandemic struck, she finally had time to focus on herself again.

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

My work focuses on expressing personal reflections through thick gestural strokes and stoney backgrounds that I create using gesso and salt. I use textured backgrounds that allow colors to pop out and in turn create interesting shadows and contours within the bounds of my work.

I hope to create moments of peace with my work. I feel art should be thought provoking and allow a person mental peace almost like an escape, an escape I hope to provide with the various layers and textures that my work has to offer.

Those are the feelings I hope to invoke in all my clients who will display my artwork in their spaces, a place for them to unwind, relax and lose themselves in a moment of color.

Sehr Yaqoob - Emergent
Sehr Yaqoob – Emergent | Acrylic on Canvas with gesso, sand and pink salt base

Emergent is a whirlpool of colors.It has been created keeping in mind the depth of the color of an emerald. It’s rich hues and hard stoney background depict the abstraction of the stone itself.

Sehr Yaqoob- Astir
Sehr Yaqoob- Astir |  Acrylic on Canvas with gesso and pink salt base

This piece was created keeping in mind the prompt emerald. For years, emeralds have been considered as a symbol of luck or a talisman of sorts. In this piece, I have tried to depict the movement of the reflective crystal, the abstraction of stone down to the last grain. That when condensed creates a hard shiny exterior but inside the stone has a blend of colors that has life of its own.

Meike Preusser

Meike Preusser


Meike Preusser lives and works in Buedingen / Hessen. After training as a retail saleswoman in a kitchen studio, she lived in Cologne from 1999 to 2002, where she deepened her skills in the field of architecture.

This is how she discovered her passion for drawing at an early age. In 2017 she spontaneously bought a canvas and paint and started painting.

She learned all the techniques herself. Meike’s passion is abstract art. She prefers to paint with acrylic paints.

For Meike, painting herself is like getting up in the morning and hugging the world. The colors she works with and her works are life-affirming and friendly, but nonetheless with many facets and often a bit crazy. In July 2021 she exhibited her works in the M.A.D.S Art Gallery in Milano.


Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Meike Preusser-Vacation
Meike Preusser-Vacation | mixed media

When I was painting the picture, I felt the need for a vacation. I had wanderlust and couldn’t wait to finally travel far away again. The hard Corona time prevented getting out and traveling to distant countries. I wanted to experience new inspirations. I dreamed of the sun, the beach and a refreshing jump into the cool blue. I couldn’t get rid of these thoughts and started to paint the picture. The result was “vacation”. I was relaxed while painting and concentrated completely on the colors. I like turquoise and I like space and freedom. The picture invites me to escape the burden of everyday life and switch off, just like on vacation.


Meike Preusser - One thousand Oceans
Meike Preusser – One thousand Oceans


“One thousand Oceans lets me immerse myself in a world parallel to normal life. While painting, I felt the air that lets me breathe, the sun that makes me laugh and the sky that makes me dream. What would we be without these wonderful thoughts that art evokes in all of us. The art in art lies in seeing and feeling the freedom and the beauty of thought. To sink into this world, to feel the ocean, to feel the wind, the waves, the sand under your feet, all of this makes us feel and remember the art. Recall the beautiful moments past and dream of moments that are yet to come. I can already smell the breeze of salt and you?.”

Inna Etuvgi


Inna Etuvgi was born in 1982 in Chukotka (far North-East of Russia), where mosses and lichens are the basis of the local endemic, which later became the subject of photography and study of the author.

 In 2005 Etuvgi graduated from the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with honors and a master’s degree. Later technical education helps the author to learn photography by herself in 2020. Despite the lack of art education, macro photography became the author’s ideal way to express her feelings and view of the world.

 A creative experiment has always been an essential part of the artist’s life. And an observation of the beauty of nature and analysis of its influence on a person’s emotional state became the basis for her work.

“Our world is beautiful, it is full of magic. And when I say “magic”, I am speaking about our feelings, our emotions that rise in us when we look at beauty. It is about the transformation of our mood and state, of us that happens when we are with nature, when we are in contact with beauty. I find these magical moments in the macro world.

The heroes of my photos are wild succulents and tiny herbs, mosses and lichens, shiny drops of rain, or morning dew, and, of course, flowers. They can look so otherworldly and so wonderful! While taking photos I feel like I am tripping into another reality, but at the same time, it is the world around us. Macro is the way to see something beyond, is the way to open the vision. That’s why I call my photo project My Psychedelic Garden.”

 says Etuvgi about her art.

In 2020 the author entered:

  • the TOP 12% best photographers at the thematic contest 35AWARDS – “Art photography 2020”. And artwork “Prizrak”
  • the TOP 14% best photos of the contest. A total of 5695 people from 142 countries and 1821 cities took part. In total, 15372 photographs were submitted for the competition.
  •  the TOP 9% best photographers at the thematic contest of 35AWARDS – “Abstract shot by phone 2020”. And artwork “Strast” (eng: “Passion”)
  • the TOP 8% best photos of the contest.

A total of 2323 people from 106 countries and 915 cities took part. In total, 6090 photographs were submitted for the competition.

 In 2020 she also became the “Artists in the Spotlight” of Arte Laguna Prize 15. The author’s artworks have been noticed by the jury among more than 12082 artworks. And in 2021 she participates to the group exhibition “Visingsö Konstrunda”, Visingsö, Jönköping, Sweden 

Emerald Exhibition Pieces

Inna Etuvgi, Be bold you are beautiful
Inna Etuvgi, Be bold you are beautiful

Be bold – you are beautiful! – is macro photography of moss sporophyte with the raindrops that strung on it like beads. The background rainbow came from the reflections from the drops in the rays of the setting sun.

 I like to find reflections of my thoughts, of our human life in the macro world. And in this photo I see a bold moss, that knows that it looks so special and so beautiful in its wonderful clothes from the maestro Rain and that in the rays of the soft evening sun, it looks especially good. So it is brave to be outstanding, be brave to show its beauty to the world.

The photo is printed (giclee) on the fine-art paper from Hahnemuehle using 12-colors ink from Canon. The actual size is 40 to 56 cm. 


Inna Etuvgi, memories about Aurora
Inna Etuvgi, memories about Aurora lights

Memories about Aurora lights. – In the photo, you can see drops of morning dew on the grass that I found on the field in Southern Sweden.

This photo reflects my childhood memories about Aurora Lights, which happens in my motherland Chukotka (very far north-east of Russia).

I want to tell you a story about it:

“Somewhere far in the center of the Universe, an igloo stands on the firmament, in which the Sun lives. Every morning the Sun leaves its home to meet with its beloved Earth. It stretches out its arms-rays to embrace its beloved, who is sad alone, looking at its shadow.

And when these rays reach the Earth we see the Northern Lights.

This is the endless love story of Sun and Earth”.

 Enjoy. Our world is beautiful.

The photo is printed (giclee) on the fine-art paper from Hahnemuehle using 12-colors ink from Canon. The actual size is 40 to 40 cm. The print is hand-signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Luigi Pirastu

Luigi Pirastu


Luigi Pirastu was born in Sardinia and after a long time outside his island, he moved back there, where he lives at the moment, in a house straight in front of the sea.

He has spent 20 years in Venice, where he lived, studied and did breath art in all its expressions.

He has also spent a couple of years in Barcelona that he still visits, and he is often in Berlin too. He loves working with local materials that he chooses on the place where he lives and has considered art part of his life since always. A good way he describes himself is “I love to create”, and he is also a collector. He presents sculptures at this exhibition.

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition

Luigi Pirastu presented three artworks, three sculptures that you can look at the following links




The works represent fish living among plastic scraps, the sculptures thus created invite us to respect the sea, they warn us that the magnificent emerald color of the coasts of Sardinia and of all the seas and oceans is in danger. A warning to try to reverse the trend, each of us has the power to change the devastation taking place by assuming responsible behavior.



Whenever you are in Venice, check the Galleria Sant’Eufemia, in Giudecca district/island. It is very easy to reach by motorboat, as the gallery is right in front of the boat station “Palanca”. Visiting this gallery takes you to a very Venetian experience. The island of Giudecca is re-claiming its role as artistic headquarter of Venice, and this gallery is known and visited by locals, so by side of all known galleries and museums, which are a must in Venice, add a visit to this gallery.

… And if you are in Venice right now, don’t miss the opportunity to visit ”

Discover Sant'Eufemia Gallery and the Emerald Exhibition
Picture Courtesy Of Arte Design Venezia Cultural Association

” the ongoing exhibition, open every day from the 4th to the 12th of September 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.

The content of this article is written in collaboration with curator Ayune Namur


Basia Kilian

Meike Preusser

Angelika  Michalik

Magdalena Maestri

Inna Etuvgi

Kenjiro Asaki

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Sehr Yaqoob



Luigi Pirastu


Pictures and content are courtesy of Galleria Sant’Eufemia, Arte Design Venezia Cultural Associations, all rights are reserved, copy and reproduction not allowed


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