Discover 100×100 the Handbook for the Future of Business

Discover 100x100 the Handbook for the Future of Business

Discover 100×100 the Handbook for the Future of Business

100×100 Business vs Coronavirus” is a handbook that collects 100 reflections and quotes from professionals around the world on the specific topic of Covid19 experience and business.

What has the Coronavirus experience taught us about the future of business? is the question to which these 100 global professionals from enormously different backgrounds have tried to answer through 100 quotes, that are finally collected in this digital handbook. 

Some names among those who took part to the project:

  • Chris Yeh, New York Times best seller author;
  • Ana Maria Montero, CNN anchor;
  • Dan Rubinstein, Home and Design Editor Departures Magazine;
  • Peter Malachi, Senior Vice President Communications Hermes;

This project is unique and has a strong will to be supportive on an international level, seeking to introduce new ways of thinking about the pandemic, this extraordinary world-changing event.

The impressions come from professionals from very different fields, and span arrays of topics from luxury fashion to design, from technology to communications, from entertainment to hospitality, from food to retail and of course thoughts on institutions too. These 100 professionals also differ widely by country, culture, gender, age, business sector and role, giving the book a very interesting cut for its variety and in numbers it consists of:

  • 33% entrepreneurs, 
  • 49% corporate employees (26 executives, 14 directors, 9 managers) 
  • 18% freelance professionals and consultants; 

that come from 26 countries across 5 different continents and work in 16 different sectors. 

The handbook is totally non-profit and all the professionals taking part offered their contributions as volunteers, driven by a will to confront the current situation and wishing to transform challenges into opportunities through the sharing of knowledge and business culture. These are particularly relevant themes at the moment, as the world undergoes a revolution which is affecting the whole of humanity and the way we do business.

While insightful and inspiring, these observations aren’t to be considered an exhaustive analysis of this complex event, but rather constitute a compelling starting point for a new thinking on a new normality: one which has already begun in social, economic and technological terms. 

The idea behind the project comes from the assumption that we are all walking together towards the future. Real wealth comes only through sharing, which today is more important than ever, – said Maurizio Ribotti (author). We collected contributions from professionals from all over the world[…] All of them provided highly personal viewpoints and insights, gained through the daily routine of their professional lives. This enriching transversality and mix of perspectives is what gives the project its value: letting us broaden the horizons of our thoughts and actions. 

“100×100 Business vs Coronavirus” can be downloaded for free starting from November the 5th.

To get your copy just click on the link below. You will find a simple form to fill and you will receive your copy in English.

To start with a sparkle, New York Style Guide will just give you the first quote you’ll find in the book, that we hope many of you will strongly relate to

‟Those who acknowledge and adapt to change will quickly gain an advantage over those who don’t.
To make the most of this pandemic, ask yourself, “What opportunities can I pursue during this pandemic that I won’t be able pursue to once it is over?”” Chris Yeh, Investor, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, USA

To continue, click on this link and get your own copy.

Special thanks go to those who volunteered their talents to bring it all to life, including: Visual Perspectives, Writing Way Lab, CCRZ, Bluedog, The Social Seller, Guitar PR, Huware e Rinascita Digitale.

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