Different Styles of Hats for Men

Styles Hats for Men

Hats are the quintessential stylish accessory for men. From baseball caps to bucket hats, men’s hats are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Along with providing style, hats protect from the elements— whether it’s rain, sun, snow, hail, or wind, there’s nothing a hat can’t protect the wearer from. Classy, casual, or eclectic, a hat is a perfect complement to any look. Find out the different styles of hats for men, and change your look today.

Different Styles of Hats for Men


No matter how you feel about it, the fedora has stood the test of time. The hat of choice for Al Capone and gangsters first came into popularity in the Roaring ‘20s, with a resurgence in the 1950s and a renaissance in the 2000s as a hipster staple. Fedoras are one of the most polarizing men’s accessories for some reason. Even today, the felt, firm-brimmed hat is again trending as a wardrobe choice.


The trilby is often confused for the fedora because they look similar, but there are a few differences. The trilby is typically composed of tweed or straw, with a smaller brim and taller crown than the fedora. That means you can wear it from spring to autumn. Trilby hats sit at the back of the head rather than forward to protect your face. It’s more of a fashion statement than a functional hat.


The bowler is an iconic piece of British style, made famous by Charlie Chaplin, Curly Howard from The Three Stooges, and John Cleese. It’s a hard, felt hat with a narrow brim and a round dome. Some may also refer to it as a derby hat. It is definitely a formal hat and doesn’t pair well with a casual look.

Dad Hat

We must acknowledge dad fashion, even if your dad isn’t cool at all. The dad hat is a baseball cap made of canvas or cotton, with a slightly curved brim and an adjustable strap back closure to make it one-size-fits-all. They scream laid-back attitude and casual style, especially when worn backward.


Here’s another entry for the baseball cap fans. Of the different styles of hats for men, the snapback is probably the most laid back and cheapest. The name comes from the adjustable fastener in the back—it has a tab with holes and one with pegs that snap into place. In the 2000s, Von Dutch made the snapback truckers hat popular, but don’t let that scare you off.

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