HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Jan. 4, 2022) – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced today that the winners of the 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards® will be revealed on January 9, 2022, from the Beverly Hilton at 6 p.m. PT. In addition to recognizing 2021’s best in film and television, the Golden Globe Awards will shine a light on the long-established philanthropy work of the HFPA, showcasing a range of grantees during the program.

Over the past 25 years, the HFPA has donated $50 million to more than 70 entertainment-related charities, film restoration, scholarship programs and humanitarian efforts; incredibly impactful organizations, many of whom were hit hard over the last two years as a result of the pandemic.

During the program, Kyle Bowser, Senior Vice President of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau, will further discuss the “Reimagine Coalition,” a joint five-year initiative to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the global entertainment industry. Each year the HFPA and the NAACP Hollywood Bureau will collaborate on, fund, and support a series of trailblazing initiatives, with the overall goals of ensuring visibility of projects from artists of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds; increasing diverse representation in the industry; and building pathways to inclusion for young artists and journalists of color.

Because of the current pandemic surge, health and safety remain a top priority for the HFPA. There will not be an audience on January 9th, and the following precautions are being taken for select members and grantees who will be in the room:

  • Proof of vaccination and booster shot, along with a negative PCR test within 48 hours, is required for entry;
  • All guests will be masked and socially distanced at all times while inside the ballroom;
  • There will be no red carpet. Media credential requests for this event will not be accepted;

Over the last eight months, the HFPA has completely overhauled its bylaws, implementing sweeping changes from top to bottom addressing ethics and code of conduct, diversity, equity and inclusion, governance, membership, and more. In October, the HFPA admitted its largest and most diverse class to date with 21 new journalists, all of whom were first-time Golden Globe voters. A full list of the HFPA’s reforms is here.

HFPA Reforms (November 2021)

Membership & Governance:

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has worked tirelessly since April to change its structure from top to bottom — a structure that will allow the organization to grow while adding unique, representative voices from journalists around the world.
  • There are now people of color involved in decision-making throughout the organization – from major board decisions to credentialing and selecting new members. A key goal of ours continues to be creating an environment where more journalists from diverse backgrounds would want to participate, but also one where members are held accountable for behavior both within the organization and as professionals.
  • The HFPA enlisted the aid of independent outside counsel in a thorough process to modernize and update its rules. These changes affected membership, criteria, bylaws, policies and the selection process for new members.
  • We have dramatically restructured oversight at the HFPA. The Association has hired an interim CEO and installed a new Board of Directors (which consists of 2/3 women and 1/3 people of color) with the addition of three outside non-members. Most recently, the Association announced the appointment of its first-ever Chief Diversity Officer.
  1. New President: Helen Hoehne
  2. Interim CEO: Todd Boehly*
  3. Chief Diversity Officer: Neil Phillips
  4. Three non-member Directors: Sharlette Hambrick, Jeff Harris and Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey
  5. Twelve member Directors: Gabriel Lerman, Sabrina Joshi, Yukiko Nakajima, Scott Orlin, Kirpi Uimonen, Henry Arnaud, Barbara de Oliveira Pinto, Barbara Gasser, Tina Johnk Christensen, Greet Ramaekers and Armando Gallo

*Temporary until a permanent CEO is named in the coming months

  • The HFPA brought on three independent outside directors to the board for the first time to provide guidance and direction. An external Advisory Board was also created. A credentials committee featuring external members was formed with the responsibility of selecting new members under the new rules as set forth in the new bylaws.
  • Implementing these changes included recruiting outside members for the first time for the Board of Directors and outside members for a new Advisory Board who in turn selected five external members for a new Credentials Committee that then reviewed and selected the new class of 21 members. Selected from an applicant pool resulting from an extensive outreach effort, the HFPA added 21 new members — a more than 20% increase in overall membership — in one class and anticipates a similarly sized class in 2022. These members will have immediate voting rights for the Golden Globes under the Association’s new bylaws and will be able to immediately join HFPA committees.
  • All current members had to be re-accredited under the new bylaws and membership criteria and were reviewed and screened by independent outside professionals. In addition, as a condition of reaccreditation, every member had to sign a new code of conduct and be subject to a new disciplinary and grievance process as well as declare any conflicts of interest. All of the members had to undergo DEI and sexual harassment training which has been ongoing. The HFPA wants to make DEI part of its culture and DEI is at the core of all of their reforms.
  • The HFPA hotline is fully functional and any issue reported is taken seriously. Once a report is filed, an outside entity reviews the report, and the President and CEO are both made aware. Disciplinary action such as suspension or termination (should it be warranted) will be taken against any member who does not follow our strict code of conduct. *Please note, the hotline is monitored 24/7 and disciplinary action can be taken at any time throughout the year.
  • Changes made include:
  1. Expansion of affiliated organizations beyond the Motion Picture Association to include any other journalistic organization such as the National Association of Black Journalists, Asian-American Journalists Association, National Association of Hispanic Journalists and National Press Club among others.
  2. The geographic residence was expanded to anywhere in the U.S.
  3. Members must be able to show eight pieces of paid journalistic work over 24 months the first year of the new rules due to COVID, 12 months thereafter, and platforms are expanded to include radio, online, broadcast and photojournalism.
  4. A letter of recommendation from a journalistic professional is still required and members must be willing to declare a country/market territory and affiliated publications or outlets they sell to.
  5. New members can immediately vote on the Golden Globes, vote in board elections and serve on committees.
  6. In addition, we have added new standards for members to abide by including no syndication of HFPA-derived materials, a clear declaration on the use of older materials and elimination of pen names. In addition, while we can’t remove all tabloids, we are working on a list of outlets to be deemed acceptable and to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • The HFPA added 21 new and predominantly diverse journalists (the largest in HFPA history) primarily of diverse journalists bringing our membership to 103. The Association plans on adding a similar amount by next July, resulting in a 50 percent increase in less than two years. All 103 members will have to reapply and be re-accredited by the outside credentials committee in the spring.
  • All current and new members were reviewed by independent outside media professionals as required under the new bylaws and all 103 members with their country affiliation are online for public disclosure. Diversity statistics for the membership have been made public.
  • Lifetime memberships were also changed in the bylaws to the emeritus status which allows members who have been longtime members but may no longer be working to vote for the Cecil B. DeMille and Carol Burnett Lifetime Achievement Awards, but not the Golden Globes. In the re-accreditation process, three members were moved to emeritus status.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

  • The HFPA hired Leadership Lab International for a one-year period. Their work goes beyond traditional DEI training and they were embedded in all of the HFPA’s work to create change from the inside out.
  • The HFPA developed, in cooperation with LLI training for all members including DEI, sexual harassment and civil conduct, as well as implicit bias training. All members were required to undergo training as a condition of accreditation and any members identified as requiring additional training are being given such training on an ongoing basis.
  • In early November the HFPA appointed Neil Phillips as Chief Diversity Officer and he’s spent the last month working with LLI to transition into the new role. Phillips will continue to implement ongoing training and other DEI workshops in addition to a DEI roadmap for the future of the HFPA.
  • In early October, the HFPA announced a five-year coalition in partnership with the NAACP – the “Reimagine Coalition” – that aims to increase diverse representation throughout the industry and build meaningful employment opportunities for Hollywood workers and journalists of color. The two organizations will help support scholarships, fellowships, internships and mentorship programs for people of color seeking careers in journalism and the entertainment industry, and to help place them in jobs, in addition to other initiatives such as restoring and digitizing Black films, forging connections with Nigeria’s film industry and African diaspora cinema and, elevating cinema through film festivals from diverse groups worldwide.
  • The HFPA recently admitted its largest and most diverse class of 21 new members to date. Of the 21 new members:
    ○ 48% identify as women;
    ○ 29% identify as Black;
    ○ 24% identify as Asian;
    ○ 29% identify as Latinx;
    ○ 19% identify as Middle Eastern/North African

Ethics & Safety Protections:

  • The grievance process also includes the creation of a confidential reporting hotline (as mentioned above) (800-461-9330) which is handled by an independent outside law firm for investigation with findings and recommended courses of discipline made to the President and CEO. The bylaws provide for suspension, expulsion or additional compulsory education and training.
  • The Association also adopted a wide variety of new policies to eliminate ethical conflicts. These include:
    ○ Universal gift ban eliminating any gifts provided by any publicist, agent, talent, management, studio, production company, media outlet, awards consultant, network or streamer.
    ○ Modified travel policies to eliminate paid air travel by studios but allow studios to provide accommodations as part of any sanctioned HFPA or studio press junket. Members are not allowed to accept any gifts on any set visits, premieres or other events.
    ○ As part of the code of conduct governing ethical behavior, members are required to act with appropriate decorum, respect and professionalism at all times and will be subject to disciplinary review if grievances are reported.

Nominations and Awards:

  • As part of the code of conduct members had to sign, members are prohibited from trading votes for favors or inducements. They are prohibited from asking for gifts or favors such as special access, tickets, memorabilia, autographs, etc.
  • The HFPA office and the designated member committees such as the Film and Motion Picture and Press Conference committees are solely responsible for the outreach and scheduling of events such as screenings and press conferences. Members are not allowed to solicit on behalf of the Association but may make requests for individual interviews for a specifically designated outlet. (However, these requests will also have process and etiquette) The HFPA continuously reviews and updates its criteria for awards and makes adjustments to correct any inconsistency such as the modification of rules recently to allow Non-English Films to be eligible for submission and award in the Best Picture category. This is an ongoing process and we welcome any suggestions from the greater community.
  • Unlike other award organizations, the HFPA operates a submission portal that allows studios and streamers to submit productions for awards consideration and provides links that allow studios to monitor member participation in viewing content.
  • In June the HFPA announced that moving forward, regardless of the next air date of the Golden Globes, both non-English language motion pictures and animated motion pictures will now be eligible for the Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy awards, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements (i.e. release in the Los Angeles area during the relevant eligibility period).

Screenings & Submissions:

We have engaged in discussions to determine how to best move forward with screenings and submissions to provide transparency and accommodation for filmmakers and studios and ensure equitable representation for content under award consideration.

  • Submissions will not be required for award consideration; however, we will accommodate those filmmakers and studios who may prefer their content to be viewed in a theater by making available screening space for in-person viewing by members following current federal, state, and local health guidelines.
  • Studios may make submissions if they wish content or talent to be considered only for specific categories.
  • Members will be allowed to attend international screenings organized by any studio of any content for award consideration.
  • The majority of studios have made their content available through HFPA specific screenings, general screenings, screener links and preview links on streaming platforms.
  • There are only 3 studios that have not shared their content with the HFPA. Members have been able to watch most via a partner streaming platform, in theaters, or at industry events such as AFI and Film Independent screenings.

Press Conferences:

We are formalizing our etiquette guidelines around press conferences, which will include no eating, leaving interviews early without a valid excuse, no photos with magazines and more.

  • We are currently developing a streamlined process that members will have to follow in order to request interviews to avoid last-minute requests and overall frustration.
  • We are creating a formalized press conference committee that will work closely with studios and publicists on deciding who gets press conferences, ensuring press conferences are run smoothly and efficiently and well attended, and most importantly, that talent walk away with a positive experience.
  • We will no longer ask for photos with members unless approved by the talent in advance (no photos if on Zoom); we will request a 5-minute photocall at the top of the end of a press conference (if not on Zoom and previously approved by talent and respective reps)


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) was founded in 1943 – then known as the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association – by a group of entertainment journalists based in Los Angeles. During World War II, the non-profit organization established a cultural bridge between Tinseltown and millions around the world seeking an escape and inspiration through entertainment. The HFPA continues to do so today with a membership representing more than 55 countries. Since 1944, the group has hosted the annual Golden Globe® Awards – the premier ceremony which honors achievements in both television and film. The licensing fees from the Golden Globe® Awards have enabled the organization to donate more than $50 million to more than 70 entertainment-related charities, film restoration, scholarship programs and humanitarian efforts over the last 27 years. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter (@GoldenGlobes), Instagram (@GoldenGlobes), and Facebook (

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