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DESTINATION Colombia Runway Show – Paraiso Miami Beach

DESTINATION Colombia Runway Show


DESTINATION Colombia Project Presents 12 Colombian Designers “To Watch” as Part of PARAISO Miami Beach and ProColombia Collaboration

MIAMI (November 2020): The most promising names on the new creative Colombian fashion scene will present their Spring/Summer 2021 collections on November 14th, 2020 in Miami at PARAISO Miami Beach.

The project will showcase 12 Colombian designers and feature established brands such as OndadeMar, Verdelimon, and Encantadore, but also new rising stars in the swimwear and resort wear industry including Palmacea, Mola Mola, Ancora, Carolina Estefan, Estivo, Corpo, Praia, Nawa, and Mar de Rosas.

Swimwear and resort wear enthusiasts will be able to see the fashion show live on November 14th, 2020 at 5PM through Procolombia’s official fashion Instagram account @ColombianFashionTrends and Paraiso Miami Beach. The runway show will be live streamed from the Miami Design District.

For this occasion, Stitch Lab, the luxury online retail space for Colombian fashion will host a media cocktail, while Silvia Cobos and Jetlagmode will accessorize the show with shoes, bags and accessories all made using sustainable handmade techniques.



DESTINATION Colombia will be the first in the series of curated projects between PARAISO Miami Beach, the leading event for the swimwear industry, widely known as swim week, and Colombian government agency Procolombia.

“DESTINATION Colombia is one of PARAISO Miami Beach leading initiatives for creating new business opportunities for the Colombian brands in the US market, and it opens a window to a brand new way of connecting these brands with both media and industry audience.” – Natalija Dedic Stojanovic, Creative Director of PARAISO Miami Beach.

Quality and innovation are the two features that make Colombian fashion so widely known in the world. Thanks to the quantity and quality of Colombian designers, and the raw materials produced in the country, the national fashion industry has achieved its own identity, which very few textile and clothing producing countries manage to achieve. “Colombia has become one of the most fertile and dynamic territories on a global level for swimwear and beach wear experimentation: that’s why we decided, together with PARAISO Miami Beach, to present the most innovative Colombian brands to buyers and the national press through this multifaceted fashion initiative and an experience, DESTINATION Colombia.” — Procolombia president Flavia Santoro.

In addition to DESTINATION Colombia, PARAISO’s Digital Hub will virtually present new collections by international brands highlighting the work of Turkish luxury swimwear brand NORMAILLOT, and emerging brand Leimakani owned by native Hawaiian Kali’a Wasson

OndadeMar was founded in Colombia in 2000 as a luxury swimwear brand. Since then, the brand has grown its own lifestyle and resort portfolio to satisfy the customer’s needs. Throughout the company’s history, brand established new fashion trends within the swimwear design and garments with a subtle Latin style of high-quality standards. OndadeMar design, production and distribution have been carefully analyzed and improved to reach the international high-quality standards; leveling OndadeMar to be recognized as a leader brand in the international market.

From the cliffy coasts of the Mediterranean to the colorful depths of Maldives, La Mar Collection features a mix of bold and dainty prints on feminine one-pieces and bikinis, delightfully diverse seaside landscapes invoke this collection of playfully patterned swimwear. La Mar Collection is curated with creativity to inspire timeless nautical motifs and spirited sea critters on modern and classic silhouettes. Dive in with styles that maintain practicality with flirty details for your tide changing style.

Created in Colombia by a creative soul & a visionary spirit, ANCORA has been characterized for being an enthusiastic, & innovative brand, focused on capturing a unique lifestyle for men, women and children. Brand’s “dressed to swim” lifestyle has taken the brand to over 37 countries worldwide. In SUNSET CANVAS collection each new canvas illustrates a new story. A new opportunity to assess and save in our souls every sunset, every moment transformed in feelings. Those who in a moment we thought they were deserved; today is a treasure for every human being. A new canvas to illustrate a desired moment in paradise in the soul of each traveler.

PALMACEA is a Colombian swimwear brand for men & women created in 2012 from the essence of Colombian roots. The inspiration of the brand comes from the diversity of Colombian culture, enhancing rich flora and fauna and the majestic tribes of the country. PALMACEA sources premium fabrics, is full of handcrafted details and offers an end product distinguished by its vibrant color palette. Colibria Collection symbolizes the unbreakable bond between all beings and the nature. It represents the interaction between air, soil and water and captures them in silhouettes, colors and stories full of life. It is the tribute to Colombia’s nature that should be sacred, preserved, and treasured.

MOLA MOLA is a brand full of Caribbean joy, inspired by a fun, cool lifestyle, with exclusive prints. The brand reflects the spontaneity of those born in the shores of the Caribbean.
COSMOPOLITA collection — A trip through the tropics, inspired by different tropical regions of the world. The collection is a combination of unique and contrasting elements that blend to form continuous, fluid and open concept prints. Wild animals in harmony with romantic flowers make this collection a clear example of what women are: strong and romantic. This collection contributes to the environment, and is created with an Eco fabric, made from recycled pet bottles. With 12 pet bottles a meter of fabric is made.

Nawa is a brand that is 100% Colombian, inspired by the abundance of nature: the oceans, beaches, tropics, rivers, the jungle, and the animals. At Nawa we believe in the philosophy “less is more”. This idea is conceived from the manufacturer to the use of each of our pieces. Our main goal is to reduce our impact on the planet and encourage local talent, why we use organic and sustainable materials. We hire single mothers, heads of their households, whom through their talent and commitment make Nawa a reality. Each of our pieces is designed under the term “easy elegance”; they are versatile and comfortable, and embracing the concept of “slow fashion” they are timeless and long lasting.

Encantadore is a Swim and Resort Wear Brand from Colombia. It has been for 5 years in the market and has a presence in more than 14 countries around the world. Brand’s strongest market is Mexico. Encantadore has a feminine, romantic and elegant proposal, with very good quality. Encantadore designs for real women and has silhouettes that enhances and highlights all types of bodies and styles. As a brand and as a team working together, we are committed to change society enhancing that we can impact the world with meaningful acts, no matter their size nor dimension. With each collection the brand has been incorporating sustainable fabrics and technologies into packaging and garments in order to reduce their impact on the environment #GreenKindness.

PRAIA by Dayanara Duran, is a Colombian brand of swimwear and resort style clothing, created by the designer, Dayanara Duran. PRAIA has always sought to differentiate itself through design, exclusive cuts and prints full of volume and vibrant colors that evoke the essence of the Colombian Caribbean. This has allowed the brand to make their pieces an exclusive, elegant and sophisticated garment full of versatility and functionality appropriate to be worn in different contexts of daily life. Over the Horizon is a collection arising from a moment in human history where uncertainty and adversity have knocked on our door. Each garment in this collection, full of vibrant colors and prints, sophisticated silhouettes, and natural harmony, evokes a celebratory essence of life and the good times that are sure to come.

Mar de Rosas
Mar de Rosas is a collection of artists, dreamers and visionaries that come together in the creation of a product that doesn’t only meet your swimwear and beachwear needs but also connects to your truth and honors your passion for owning meaningful pieces. Each of the products is the fashion expression of a story inspired by ethnic traditions, handcrafted details, magical places and the freedom of a boho lifestyle. Mar de Rosas is a product that will have a special place in your closet. An expression of fashion that is manifested in each of the accessories, natural colors, eclectic touches, handmade appliqués and ethnic details, which as symbols identify Mar de Rosas women and symbolize their sense of independence and freedom. The outfits are designed to promote those moments of transition between day and night, from relaxation to the adventure, from the social to the intimate, without worrying because you are missing something for every special moment. It is a product that is enriched with a multiplicity of layers, accessories and adornments to make it possible to achieve a truly authentic style. A product that grows when complemented, but works perfectly on its own.

Estivo is a Colombian brand of swimwear and beachwear, born 11 years ago that projects itself as a global, happy, conscious, refined, natural brand with a high content of social responsibility.
Brand’s DNA is based on two values: Inclusion: we want each Estivo woman to reflect her authenticity and naturalness through designs and silhouettes that make her feel comfortable and safe while allowing her to remain in all her essence.

Eco-Friendly: Most Estivo garments are Eco-friendly fabrics from recycled plastic bottles (95% of the swimsuits) and recycled polyester (60% of the coverups) In a new global consciousness, our strength grows as we look inside each one of us and understand that the most important thing is to enjoy who we are, being in permanent evolution. This inner strength flourishes by combining our feelings with a sustainable environment where love and respect for life and nature are the goal of each one of us. That is where our art is inspired, a passion that makes us raise day by day with the responsibility of sowing a seed in the heart of each of the people who belong to our community, with the desire that we live in a world in which each one accept and respect yourself as you are and protect our environment.

CORPO was born in 1982 and its evolution is the result of listening to the feelings of each woman. We are passionate about designing each garment with the feeling of comfort, security and style that women seek. Today our women are more involved in caring for the planet, this inspired us to transform ourselves into a sustainable company. All our fabrics, meshes and prints are produced and created exclusively in our factory owned by CORPO brand. We use eco-friendly fabrics, print without the use of water, work with reusable fabrics, and all CORPO labels and hangtags are made from recycled materials. Sustainable fashion is CORPO’s focus.
ACUALERADA, the Oceano Collection is inspired by water as a transforming essence. Prints are drawn from the reflections of the sun that intermingles with water creating aqueous brushstrokes of flowers, plants, and marine textures.
The color harmony is based on different ranges of blues and greens accentuated by yellow to illuminate the collection.

Carolina Estefan
The Colombian brand CAROLINA ESTEFAN was founded in 2012 by sisters Carolina and Silvana Estefan. A feminine, contemporary brand focused on Tropical Chic, made for women who want to feel confident, sophisticated, and have the freedom of using versatile pieces in different ways for any given occasion.


For more information please visit:  Paraiso Miami Beach


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