Designer Spotlight: Mittmi by Danittza

Danittza Zimic of Mittmi
Danittza Zimic

Born in Peru, Danittza Zimic, the creator of the unique and famous clothing line Mittmi, began to feel the passion for design at about the same time she was taking her first steps. Indeed, it could be said that she knew how to design before learning the to multiply.
“My passion for fashion began when I was 5. I was very restless and in school I would get detentions, so my teachers will leave me in the classroom by myself at recess time. So, what I did was take my notebook and my colors pencils and I started to create, create and create… Daydreamed that glamorous women wore my sketches. Speaking of ‘fashion, Danittza did not become involved in fashion ‘just because’. It’s in her blood. Comes in her genes. ”
Her great-grandmother, an independent and avant-garde woman for her time (1940’s) was the first woman in the family who would not stand still when it came to dressing time. She would go to the textiles stores, buy fabrics, designed her own dresses and hired seamstresses for her creations to become something tangible. At the time, her family remembers, she was a very admired woman in society for her special and unique style.With that innate intuition for the well dressed, but still amateur, Danittza grew up frustrated by the way fashion punished her: “My stepmother would dress me in corduroy pants and gray colors. They looked like adult outfits, somber and every time I looked in the mirror I dreamed of dressing in clothes that had vibrant colors …That would make me feel alive!”

Fortunately her mother came to the rescue, who from the U.S. sent her lively and bright colored dresses, long skirts, hats that matched the outfits and Danittza was fond with that feeling of being colorful and beautiful.

For societies sake, Danittza Zimic as an adult, became a successful Real Estate agent in the U.S. From Miami to Hawaii, from Hawaii to San Francisco and San Francisco to the opposite side of the country, Miami. But along with her clients gratitude for an outstanding customer service and a successful closing, the complements followed for her excellent taste in style.

“Real state gave me the lifestyle, it gave me the means to constantly go shopping. Until one day I didn’t feel satisfaction to keep on buying, I felt as if my style was not available anymore. I would have a hard finding pieces I really liked, until I said… ‘why should I work so hard to buy clothes, when I can make them’?, so I hired a dressmaker and for three full months I started designing. All my visions from childhood came alive in that moment and I could not stop. I had so many ideas in mind! I finally found took it upon myself and hired a pattern maker, along with an excellent seamstress to make all my visions a reality. I was in paradise. ”

That’s how Mittmi was born in 2007. Back them, Real Estate market had reached the lowest point, so Danittza had to redesign her own life. “For a week I was in silence… Trying to figure out what to do next? I tried to answering myself; what was it that I wanted to do and in a special moment…An inner voice told me ‘do what you LOVE … Then I realized that, what I had left behind all these years was truly my inner calling and that I should follow my love for fashion!!!! ”

“With only $ 1,200, 16 fabrics and one style, I made 200+ dresses in Lima, Peru where I was born and brought them at that time in my suitcase. In a blink of an eye, these garments were sold between my friends. After selling one style and got the means to make another pattern and so on…Until now ”

Over the years this wheel turned and grew stronger than ever. Mittmi has positioned itself well in the female market with its stylish, sexy, feminine, vibrant colors, with selected fabrics and prints -chosen from different parts of the world-, conveying the essence of Miami’s lifestyle. “It’s a sophisticated line and a flexible brand,” states the designer. “I focus on tunics and tops, my designs are for every body type and focus on the flexibility of wearing them as tops, dresses, tunics and so on! My motivation is to inspire, motivate, empower every woman with my designs. To celebrate and highlight women around the globe, making her feel fabulous and confident.”

One hundred percent already dedicated to her new life as a designer, Danittza studied ‘Fashion Design’ in the United States and began an ascending chain of businesses that now includes more than 200 boutiques around the world to distribute her designs in countries like Greece, Australia , Canada, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Ireland and the United States. Her websites: and are also a good way of sales and clients in France, Spain, England, Mexico and Paris, just to name a few have already asked her for her exclusive designs.

Up until 2011, Mittmi has released 4 fabulous collections: Sun, Grecian, Black, Maui and now Rock Glam, a line inspired by the outspoken decade of the 70’s.

Mittmi opened its Fashion House in 2010 in the heart of Miami, where Danittza showcases all her exclusive designs. Behind the showroom space she has set up a production area which is composed of 1,300 square feet. The production takes place in 2 different workshops with over 70 operators each, mostly Hispanic.
With so much success, it is logical that Danittza Zimic is a regular guest for the American and Hispanic media. NBC6, CNN Notimujer, Caracol Radio, StartUp Fashion Las Vegas, The Miami Herald,,, Metropolis Night Magazine, Style J-Ohio, Prestige Magazine, Lebanon, The New Times, Today Black Woman Magazine, People Style Watch Magazine, TV y Novelas Pto Rico, Style & Mode Magazine, Revista ego TV high fashion and many more, have had her as a special attendant in their segments. Important Showbiz stars as the famous actress and singer Mya, the stars of reality show ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice, singer Lisa M., the first host of Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas, Rashel Diaz and the protagonists of RPM series Miami have been just a few personalities who have been drawn to Mittmi designs and can rely on Danittza’s vision to look fabulous in their most important events.

Recently, Danittza Zimic has received the Excellence Award in the ’16 Tumi USA Awards’, by the Tumi nonprofit organization that recognizes the most outstanding Latin American personalities for their achievements, inspiration and success in the United States.

The upcoming years are very promising for Danittza Zimic. Her plans include a new clothing line, another line of sexy bikinis, plus a boutique opening in Puerto Rico, where she has been listed as a designer who knows how to empower and radiate the beauty of women ‘one dress at a time’. ”

Visit Mittmi online at:

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