A Day in the Life of Tik Tok Star Montana Tucker

A Day in the Life of Tik Tok Star Montana Tucker

If you have been on the social media app, Tik Tok, you have heard of the name Montana Tucker. With over 5 million followers, you can say she is a rising star. Her intriguing 60 second dancing videos have really attracted an audience that look up to her for her dancing skills. However, Montana was dancing way before Tik Tok came into play. She started her career at just the age of eight and kept growing to the top. She is a triple-threat singer, actress and dancer who just seems to always steal the spotlight.

Her childhood stardom started very early on as she played different roles in commercials and TV Shows. “I did a lot of modeling and acting when I was little. I did a TV show with Ariana Grande called E-Venture Kids, as well as the show Barney and Friends.” Little did Montana know when she took a dance workshop class with choreographer Darrin Henson, that it would change her life forever. Darrin saw potential in Montana as a dancer, and suggested she should move to Los Angeles or New York. Montana’s mom was not on board with moving so for Montana to learn from the best choreographers, Darrin and her mom opened a dance studio in South Florida called Pop Stars. With a lot of training from different choreographer’s she was able to win the World Hip Hop Dance Championships at just the age of eleven. After winning she was able to create a name for herself as a back up dancer for various artists such as singer Ashanti and rapper Remy Ma. Since then she has been able to evolve in the entertainment industry and accomplish so many things.

Tik Tok Star Montana Tucker
photographer Jamil Brown

Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat are all social media platforms Montana uses to showcase her content. So the questions is, how does one-person handle all of this? Montana takes me through a day in her life and explains what happens: “When I wake up, I usually try to respond to as many comments as possible. At 9am I usually post a video, and then go over my schedule for what I have going on that day. I recently started to go to a workout trainer, and then after I start to film videos for that day or that week. I am always creating and always on the go.” With working on your own schedule, people may think it is easy, but in reality, it can be a bit difficult to handle. Montana explains she sometimes films at least 10 videos a day, whether she is collaborating or filming by herself. A lot of creativity and work goes into a day for this social media star.

Tik Tok Star Montana Tucker
photographer Jamil Brown

Montana’s dancing career has taken off and now her singing career is heading in the same direction. Recently, Montana was the first female artist to sign with Pitbull’s music label called Mr. 305 Records and released her debut song “Hola”. Montana stated “You can say this song has that Latin flare to it. Latin music has always been a huge inspiration for me. My favorite artist is JLo and growing up in South Florida, and I would always be in Miami listening to Latin music.” Fans were excited to listen to her new song so Montana created the “HolaChallenge” on Tik Tok to engage with her followers. Not only were her fans engaging but various artists were participating in the challenge including Jason Derulo.

Montana has made it known that you can do anything you want, as she receives inspiration from her favorite artist JLo. “JLo has by far been my favorite dancer to collaborate with. I look up to her in many ways and would love to be a successful entrepreneur like her.” With many fans looking up to Montana for inspiration she shares advice for her fans wanting to do what she does, “You can do anything you set your mind to. It takes time, nothing comes easy, but don’t give up!”

She is currently working on different projects and one of them being a new song called “Sunday Funday” that will be released in September. We are excited to hear Montana’s new song and can’t wait to see what is in store for her!

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