D.A.T.E. Workshop Tour Powered by Heineken commences its journey in Milan

Craftsmanship and the future take center stage in the upcoming immersive on-the-road experience featuring D.A.T.E.’s first green capsule. Mark your calendars for October 17th at the flagship store, Via Ponte Vetero 11.

D.A.T.E. Workshop Tour Takes Off in Milan, Fueled by Heineken

Milan, October 2023. The D.A.T.E. Workshop Tour powered by Heineken makes its debut in Milan, offering an immersive on-the-road experience designed to introduce the first drop of a sustainable project by the Florentine brand. Sustainability takes center stage in this journey that cleverly blends heritage and innovation guiding D.A.T.E.’s growth towards a more environmentally friendly direction and translating it into a limited edition capsule collection of sneakers made from discarded materials.

The project’s debut is focused on the iconic Court model, presented in a new version with a unique color palette. This event will be held at the flagship store of the brand in Milan located at Via Ponte Vetero 11 as the first of several events scheduled for October. The evening’s theme revolves around the fusion of innovation and tradition, reflected in the store’s design and setup, emphasizing the harmony between opposites as embodied by D.A.T.E. Inside the store there will be an immersive experience space where visitors can use a headset to enter a virtual environment specially created for D.A.T.E. allowing them to explore the iconic green court of the project.

The Milan event will feature a double DJ set with Dj Miro opening the night and followed by the sounds of Milangels. Heineken will provide beverages to delight the guests. Additionally by registering through a link accessible via the newsletter 10 lucky individuals attending the event will receive the D.A.T.E. Workshop Tour T-shirt on-site while all participants will receive customized stickers.

The same format will be replicated in the upcoming tour stops starting with Florence on October 19 (at Soft, Via de’ Tornabuoni 17/r) with a guest star DJ Gherardo, aka Gheray0 of Bunker 44. Following that there will be stops in Bisceglie on October 24 (at Maison Studio, Via Isonzo 2/4) and Naples on October 26 (at Deliberti, Via dei Mille 24).

D.A.T.E. Workshop Tour Powered by Heineken commences its journey in Milan

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is embodied in “Love The Planet” from which the Workshop project takes shape, the first limited edition numbered collection made from company waste and presented with the FW23 collection.

D.A.T.E.’s philosophy is already focused on the future with a commitment to sustainability for both the environment and people at the core of its growth strategy. This ethical imperative is driving innovation for the young company steering its entire supply chain and business model towards a greener direction.

D.A.T.E. has translated this commitment into tangible form with Workshop a project that includes a limited edition and numbered capsule collection of sneakers made from discarded materials. The iconic Court model will be the star of the FW 23 collection offered in new versions for both men and women featuring a trendy color palette that reflects its green essence. Each pair of sneakers comes with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for authenticity allowing users to verify the product’s authenticity and receive its digital passport through their smartphones by tapping the shoe’s tag. This technology is developed by THE-FFW a leading e-commerce company in the fashion industry combining NFC functionality with blockchain transparency.

This project’s functionality aims to create a future with fewer counterfeit products in both the primary and second hand markets. As part of its sustainable production processes D.A.T.E. also designs packaging using recycled paper eliminating the use of plastic.

Francesco Bozzi, Brand Manager of D.A.T.E. commented on this commitment “Recycling, using waste or eco-friendly materials, utilizing renewable sources and adopting solutions to improve our products are just some of the paths we have taken to create a more virtuous and necessary process, summed up in Love The Planet which represents a culmination of our values.”

Love the Planet is D.A.T.E.’s signature project that combines innovation and tradition integrating sustainability with transparency and social responsibility. It’s accompanied by various company policies aimed at improving the impact on the planet through simple everyday measures.

For D.A.T.E., sustainability is a fundamental value and the brand’s commitment to creating a better world includes choosing not to have urban headquarters supporting an inclusive and equal workplace selecting local suppliers and creating eco-friendly collections. Furthermore, D.A.T.E. designs vegan and recycled models and promotes greater awareness among its customers. They offer a 10% discount on future purchases to those who deliver their used D.A.T.E. shoes to the flagship stores in Florence and Milan for recycling and a new life.

Founded in 2005, D.A.T.E. which stands for the names of its four founders Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso, Emiliano is a sneaker brand created with passion and attention to detail. In their essence these sneakers embody authenticity, dynamism and contemporary style. Continuous research and a perfect blend of design, materials, and functionality have resulted in collections that remain true to the brand’s values, follow trends without compromising authenticity and prioritize sustainability. With a turnover of 20 million euros, D.A.T.E. has a widespread distribution with over 950 multi-brand stores worldwide and two mono-brand stores in Milan and Florence which represent the ideal center for the brand’s progressive expansion.


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