LiveLids welcomes the holidays with the next gen version of its groundbreaking tech-amped baseball caps in time for gift-giving season. The ultimate in personalized gifts – this cap has an LCD display embedded unto the crown that allows its users to wirelessly upload and highlight images of their choice. The wearer can choose to show off their fashion savvy, favorite sports personalities or teams, rock or pop singers, or whatever fandom they love. A leap from the original model when it was launched six years ago, this newly-improved version features a lighter and larger display for clearer, crisper images and an app-enabled LiveLids community that exponentially expands choices for customizing each cap.

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LiveLids co-founder Martin Malek explains that when they launched the first caps that could carousel a variety of fashion logo images on the crown as chosen by the wearer it was to encourage self-expression. He says, “I believe fashion to be a pure expression of self and everyone should be able to show the world who they are and what they love through what they wear. I wanted to create something that lived up to that ideal.” The internet immediately embraced this new cutting-edge accessory and Live Lids sold out its first production run in no time. Despite the success, Malek felt they could make an even better second generation product. “Instead of continuing to produce and sell the initial design, I had the team go back into research and development mode,” Malek explained. “I knew we had made something great, but I wanted to make it even better.”

Group Shot
Group Shot

And make it better it they did. Among the upgrades is a slimmer yet more prominent 2.4” LCD screen for better image quality while making it feel as light and wearable as a traditional baseball cap. Whereas images had to be uploaded to the original Live Lids caps by connecting a USB cable to a PC, users now have the ability to wirelessly add up to 100 images and adjust the display’s transition speed with an app on their phones. Caps now offer eight hours of continuous runtime and can be charged through a port located in the snapback.

Hello Kitty Model
Hello Kitty Model

The catalogue of available artwork that the caps can display has also increased by a new Live Lids social network. “Initially, we were limited to offering licensed sports logos which cut out huge swaths of potential Live Lids customers,” said Malek. “I dreamed of fostering an online community that could create and share user-generated playlists of content limited only by the imagination of its members.” To make Live Lids the most personalized fashion statement possible, the company launched its namesake app that features an online community (much like you would find on Instagram or TikTok) hard at work to populate it with user-generated content. In fact, it’s the first social community specifically created to curate display-worthy designs across hundreds of genres and themes, intended for display on LiveLids caps. Users can show their love with logos, photos, and other artwork inspired by their favorite sports teams, athletes, fashion houses, films, tv shows, celebrities, artists, and pretty much anything else imaginable. No matter the field of interest, the community has probably already built a playlist for anyone to wear. And, if not, users can create their own by using the app’s built-in tools.


This new cutting-edge tech in Live Lids is complemented by the high-quality materials used to make the caps. Each hat has been constructed with the finest blend of lightweight Poly-Elastane material, is available in a variety of popular colors, and arrives packaged in a wonderfully chic, black gift box for $149. Visit to view the full collection, and orders placed before December 10th are guaranteed to arrive before the Christmas holiday, but only a limited quantity have been made. Available on the Apple App or Google Play stores.


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