CUSTO BARCELONA Runway Show at Miami Fashion Week


Designer CUSTO BARCELONA Runway Show

Miami Fashion Week

Custo Dalmau (1959, Spain) spent his childhood and adolescence in Barcelona, ​​where he studied architecture. This Spanish fashion designer, creator of the popular T-shirts emblazoned with original and attractive drawings with the firm Custo Barcelona. Custodio Dalmau life Salmon, closely linked to that of his brother David, went during childhood and adolescence in Barcelona.

After a few adventures around the world, that fostered their inspiration in stamped t-shirt, they moved to the United States with two huge suitcases full of shirts. Following the rejection of several stores in New York, where branded strident and little consistent with the concepts imposed by the fashion at the time, dominated by minimalism in March 1996 founded Custo Barcelona after a first stage as Custo Line, and began to supply the market of Los Angeles, where they managed to put their clothes in four shops frequented by Hollywood stars.

The Dalmau designs have been recognized in Italy, where they received the award Kore, known as the Oscar of fashion; and in Spain, with the Prix de Marie Claire magazine for the best designer of the year and two awards of the journal Metaphor (e), one of its international projection and another for their advertising campaigns. But, head visible, Custo Dalmau, of Custo Barcelona, ​​firm that shares work with his brother David does not bother him fame, nor will regret having become a T-shirt as fashion critics say, the only exportable trend Spanish fashion in recent years.

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