CHRISTIANO BURANIA reinterpretation of the Japanese imagination through the use of manual processes applied to precious materials. Obi, college and dolls style, kimono, sumo, as elements of a new story, broken down to their essence and reused as inspiration for a feminine, urban and contemporary overall look. The Tokyo unfinished fashion show held on Via Meravigli was breathtaking yet balanced as the 42 models made their way around the open air courtyard, refined yet intense just as the streets of the very city the collection was named for.

Tokyo’s winter colors are reproduced with garment dying that creates irregular shades like abstract and three-dimensional patterns. Warm tones inspired by the autumn foliage of Japanese gardens are reproduced with handmade multicolor flock prints.

Cashmere coats, alpaca jackets, trench-coats and leather samurai pants are embroidered with mohair threads along the borders with geometric patterns, enriched with polyurethane macro zippers. Silver fox and natural white mink, hand embroidered with floating threads are used for the new kimonos and over-volume shoulder bags. Handmade alpaca knitwear with maxi-braids and irregular stitches are combined with unwashed and embossed denim.

The garments of this collection represent the authentic MADE IN ITALY and are entirely produced in Italy by Italian artisans. They are the result of hand-made treatments, special dyes, and embroideries, which are by now characteristic for haute couture only.

Cristiano Burani has had a storied career in the Italian fashion world with degrees in fashion industry operations from University of Bologna (1994) & Fashion Design from Parson’s School of Design in New York (1995) and going on to work as a designer for global brands such as La Perla, Bluemarine, & Versace.

He has been the recipient of numerous fashion design awards and has done runway shows in Milan, Paris, Beijing, Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, & Dubai. He has also taught as Professor of the Fashion Design course at the Haute Future Fashion Academy in Milan.

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