Chorustyle’s Innovative Hybrid Virtual Reality Project

Chorustyle’s innovative hybrid virtual reality project and its unique iconic testimonials

How do you make luxury designed products available in a period of lockdown due to health restrictions? How do you eliminate the distance between international buyers and designers? Chorustyle has found an innovative answer to these questions.

Inspired by museums and fine arts galleries, Chorustyle has in a very visionary way integrated the technology of a virtual showroom with the functionality of e-commerce and launches a hybrid virtual project with immersive 3D experience. The new dimension of luxury.

The innovative project of the Italian design, fashion and lifestyle brand, which is unique in the sector, is already available at the website and is easy to use and immediately accessible both on desktop computers and mobile devices. 

The digital travel environment is in line with the DNA of Chorustyle. The layout is refined and evokes the green world. Sophistication and excellence for the fine marble floor and display units emphasise both quality and the design of the products.

The platform technology allows the ability to move about the virtual rooms exactly as you would in person and view products from different angles, also thanks to special zoom functions that provide a 360-degree view. The new hybrid project with a combination of a virtual showroom and e-commerce, can be accessed with all digital devices and was designed to immediately integrate with VR headsets.

 At the center of the virtual platform are the two iconic cats Laki and Nikko, atelier design objects born from artisan tradition and innovative technology in the most authentic style of Chorustyle. The cats come in different sizes, materials and colors and are visible along the itinerary: they are glossy and faithfully reproduce the physical products in every detail.

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In the virtual project there are symbols along with the itinerary that let you discover more about the characteristics of the iconic Laki and Nikko decorator objects through emotional videos or technical charts. 

Cats are extremely popular on the Internet and there are more cats than dogs in our homes: seven and a half million to be exact. Chorustyle has interpreted them in small, medium and large formats into decor objects. The inspiration comes from the “study of cats”, an impressive series of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci who considered cats special.

The cats’ names are Laki and Nikko. Laki is the equivalent of the Japanese talisman ensuring prosperity and happiness while Nikko the dreamer, curled up on a shelf or bed, is conducive to meditation and wisdom. Each piece is obtained through a precise crafting of thin layers of metal using nanotechnologies that ensure transparency and a glossy, even color. 

 Laki, the lucky cat who with its raised paw indicates the path for obtaining what is most desired, becomes an authentic source of inspiration that draws strength from its ability to blend into any setting with poise and elegance. Laki, the bearer of prosperity and happiness, projects a seductive touch of charm, allure and elegance upon the surrounding spaces. Its sinuous shape and glimmering reflections captivate and promote harmony and well-being with the surrounding world, instilling indomitable self-confidence. 

Chorustyle's Innovative Hybrid Virtual Reality Project 37

Nikko, the cat of serenity, is the path for feeling at peace with yourself. Conveying calmness and imperturbability — an “illuminating ray of sunshine”, as suggested by the etymology — it helps achieve balance and harmony as it watches over people and the surrounding space. Nikko encourages one to fulfill wishes and make dreams come true, becoming a talisman able to grant spiritual and mental well-being. With their elongated shape they offer tranquility and protection and transform any environment, bringing light and warmth. 

Chorustyle's Innovative Hybrid Virtual Reality Project 39

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