Chiara Ferragni and Pigna together for a new Stationery Collection

Chiara Ferragni and Pigna together for a new Stationery Collection

Chiara Ferragni, a big heart and a real entrepreneurial volcano, never stops her creativity and her skill to build important partnerships to promote the Made in Italy.

Now Chiara starts a new partnership with Pigna and launches her new stationery collection that will be available starting from June 2021.

Chiara Ferragni Pigna

Pigna is a symbol of the made in Italy and a brand that, since 1839, is part of the history and DNA of all the Italians who grew up and filled pages of their notebooks, used their stationery all through the school years and kept on collecting avidly their stationery not only for sentimental reasons, but also for the incredibly good quality and durability. And with all of them we mean by extension including yours truly, of course.

This is a multi annual licensing agreement which develops on a common ground of attention to detail, materials and qualitative elements.

Chiara Ferragni, CEO of the namesake brand, commented on this partnership:

“I have always been a serial collector of notebooks, pencils, and erasers, and working on this project was funniest. Pigna is a leader in its sector and an incredible reality of the Made in Italy, it is a pleasure to debut with them in the stationery segment. “

and Massimo Fagioli, CEO and President of Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A., added:

“It is a great pleasure for Pigna to have been chosen by Chiara Ferragni for a partnership that goes beyond the classic licensing, thanks to the extraordinary creativity that she has lavished on this project. With Chiara we immediately found ourselves aligned in the spirit of creating something new and beautiful. The path is in line with the strategy of consolidating the leadership of the Pigna brand in the school stationery market and beyond, following the process of internationalization”.

What the two brands are doing with their virtuous partnership, is reinforcing the value of the Made in Italy, showing how to strengthen the connection Italians are so fond of, between who we were and who we are and how this will lead us to who we want to be.

Historical brands join forces with the new generations becoming young and  innovative, and modern and younger generations learn from the experience of historical brands and give depth to their content.

It is quite a unique characteristic of the Italian entrepreneurship and a symbol of resilience of the Made in Italy, based on innovation and modern embracing the traditional and consolidated, adding the best of both to create a healthy business strategy, empowered by experience and new spirits.

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