Charter Jet NYC – 5 Reasons To Book A Private Flight

Charter Jet NYC - 5 Reasons To Book A Private Flight

Traveling to New York City is always a good idea, but, sometimes, just thinking about the traffic and airport congestion could easily discourage you. After all, NYC is among the busiest destinations globally, and people from all walks of life flock to the area every day.  

Thankfully, commercial air travel isn’t your only option when flying to the big apple. Booking a private charter jet NYC is another way to get to where you want to be without dealing with any unforeseeable delay, heavy traffic, and long lines. 

Booking a private flight is beneficial in more ways than one. If it’s your first time and you’re still not entirely convinced to charter a jet for your next NYC trip, here are more reasons that could help you decide: 

1. Flexibility 

Flying with a regular commercial airline means adjusting your schedule based on flight availability. Booking a charter jet NYC flight, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility you need to perfect your itinerary, set your flight’s time and date, and even choose the location where you’ll be coming from.  

Since private planes are smaller in size than commercial planes, they’re more flexible to land in smaller airports. This means you can choose the pickup and drop-off points based on your needs and preferences. If you don’t like overcrowded and too busy airports, you can select a smaller one in NYC, such as LaGuardia Airport, which caters mainly to domestic air service. 

2. Shorter Travel Time 

Another advantage of booking a private flight is you no longer need to bear lengthy layovers and connecting flights. If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably have your fair share of waiting in terminals, hopping on and off planes, and getting from point A to point B before reaching your destination. Be it for leisure or business, you can’t tell when there’ll be a delay in your flight, and it’s something you can’t avoid when traveling commercially. 

With charter jet NYC, you won’t need to arrive hours before your scheduled flight. You have complete control over your schedule, and you can tailor it according to your itinerary. Whether you’re meeting business colleagues, having a holiday trip with family and friends, or spending a honeymoon vacation, you’ll arrive fresh and energetic in New York within minutes or hours. 

3. Travel With Your Favorite People 

Imagine having the whole aircraft all to yourself and your favorite people. You don’t have to think about not getting seats close to one another, which is a typical concern when flying commercially. A chartered flight comes with unmatched privacy and security, allowing your group to do what you want while up in the skies. You can have a business meeting, work on your laptop without interruption, or enjoy free-flowing champagne to amp up the vacation vibe. 

You can choose who to invite to your private flight and spend quality time with people you want to be with. It’s also an excellent opportunity to impress your friends or clients while on your way to NYC. 

4. Your Very Own Catering Team 

Chartering a private flight lets you customize your meals depending on your preference. Even if it’s only a matter of minutes before you get to the Big Apple, it’ll surely enhance your charter jet experience if you’d allow yourself to indulge in Michelin-quality cuisine during the flight.  

A charter jet NYC includes inflight food and beverage service that you can customize. Whatever your group is craving, you can ask the catering team or kitchen services to prepare them for you. Smoked salmon and champagne?  Yes, please. Maybe you’re traveling because of a special occasion. If so, why not get the party started on your way to New York?  You can wine and dine to your heart’s content and arrive at your destination feeling full and happy. 

5. Fly With Your Pets 

Although commercial flights allow pets onboard, chances are you won’t be able to take them to your assigned seat while flying. You’ll most likely spend hours worrying about your little buddy and the level of anxiety they’re feeling throughout the entire trip. With a private jet, your pet can sit beside you and even roam around the aircraft, depending on what the inboard crew would advise. 

Having your pet next to you means letting them enjoy the same level of luxury and comfort throughout the flight. They can also eat, drink water, and play inside the aircraft. Most importantly, the experience will lessen the anxiety and stress your furry friend might feel, especially if it’s their first time riding an airplane. 

Final Words 

There are several ways to get to NYC. You can get on a commercial plane, take a bus, or ride the train, depending on where you’re coming from. If you have the energy and time, you may also choose to go on a road trip. But, if you’re looking for a more convenient, flexible, and stylish option, don’t forget that you can book a private charter jet NYC.  





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