Dark Electro Pop Siren Charli Lark Releases Her Fiery Emotive Single and Premieres at Wonderland MagazineCharli Lark Unleashes Fiery Electro-Pop Single, Premieres on Wonderland Magazine

Dark Electro Pop Siren Charli Lark releases with a vengeance her fiery emotive single, “LIMBO,” with a premiere at WONDERLAND MAGAZINE. Lark brings the energy of a strong woman who has fought her battles and risen as a phoenix from the ashes with her newest release, “LIMBO.” ‘I left a long relationship that I had struggled so hard to fix while I was still in it. But little by little, all these pieces inside me had been dying. My heart had been breaking for a long time, my mind had been closing, and by the time I actually walked out the door, there was nothing left to revive. So, for me, when I finally decided to let go and move on, it was just complete freedom, no looking back. But there’s this gap, this limbo, between where you are and where the other person is, and they just can’t get that you’re already gone,’ says Lark . The bombshell baddie quips, ‘LIMBO’ is a breakup song, but she’s not heartbroken. ‘LIMBO’ is a moving-on, too-little-too-late song about that tense time right as a relationship runs dry. When you give a thousand wasted chances and finally have had enough. And there’s no saving it because she’s already gone. Her heart and mind left a long time ago, and her body is just a matter of time.

Some of the UK’s best remixers are collaborating with Lark: LIMIT3R, CHARLOTTE VAN DE PEER, RUFF LOADERZ, WILSON, and UNTIDAWN LIMIT3R to amplify her message on the dancefloors and make an impact on the UK Dance Charts. ‘LIMBO’ captures that sense of freedom and that alive feeling—exactly how I want to feel in the club!” exclaims Lark. She is diligently working in the studio to produce more emotive, vulnerable, yet fiercely triumphant tunes that resonate with the Mirrorballs in clubland.

Growing up in Louisiana, pursuing music as a passion was no small feat for Charli Lark, despite the rich musical history of cities like New Orleans. Transplanted from New Orleans to a small town in northern Louisiana during high school, Charli Lark sang throughout her childhood. ‘I started singing at fairs and talent shows before I got into acting,’ she recalls. Music remained at the forefront, and by the time she reached college, she was participating in local open mic nights. However, the small-town mentality, coupled with a lack of opportunities, left Charli Lark feeling as though her musical aspirations had to take a backseat. ‘I had to make money,’ she explains, ‘so after I left college, I took corporate jobs.

While working in corporate America, Charli continued to write songs and sing. Her determination to turn her passion into a profession led her to New York City, where she crossed paths with her ex-husband. They married, had children, and navigated life between coasts, eventually settling in Idaho. Over time, the toxicity in their relationship escalated, and amidst the challenges of adjusting to motherhood while maintaining a marriage, Charli found solace and therapeutic release in her songwriting. Transitioning from a high-powered corporate job on the coast to the seclusion of a rural town within a tumultuous marriage took its toll on Charli. One day, she reached a breaking point. ‘It might have looked like a breakdown, but now I know it was a breakthrough.

At the heart of her work, Charli Lark aims to inspire through her experiences. Her music is crafted to resonate deeply, hitting you at your core while remaining intensely personal to her journey. ‘I want to create music that has a profound impact, evoking emotions and carrying my energy through to others. Perhaps, it can help alchemize something within them.

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